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Celebrating Life in Small Wins

I think it’s important to celebrate life in small wins….

November, as you may have noticed (especially as it’s all I blog about all month) is my birthday month and as such, it’s a time for reflecting, for considering what’s left of the future, and for finding gratitude for even the smallest wins.

It’s also a month for giving back and giving thanks.
And that includes giving back and giving thanks to you too.
So first and foremost, thank you for being here. I appreciate you more than you know.

You probably have some favorite ways to express gratitude. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind hearing about ways you choose to express gratitude or about the causes you support.

And sure, I too have my favorite causes to donate to. St. Jude Children’s Hospital is at the top of my list for tithing (tithe means “10” by the way) and I also like to support political candidates I deem worthy of my donations, and I support those charities that help the fringe of society to learn valuable life skills.

It’s not always about money. As example, I am donating transformational books to a women’s shelter in hopes of empowering women to transition out of dangerous conditions and into their own power. That position of lack of secure shelter is really starting from the bottom on the Hierarchy of Needs* as per Abraham Maslow. Lack of security is like quicksand; it’s tough to escape….

But I’ve seen women through the decades finally look inside and find the self-worth needed to lift themselves from unhealthy and/or unhappy situations, and not just women who find themselves in shelters. Women globally have been awakening to what I like to call fempowerment, and the paradigm shift has created ripples in both directions of a power tug-of-war that will continue until the center is found. Look no further than the current US mid-term election for evidence of the fempowerment beginning to become the norm. In fact, women are making history (her-story in this case). In 2019, 100 women will enter congress. That’s more than a glimmer of light for a kinder and more sensible world.  I’m guessing I may not live long enough to enjoy real balance and equality, but I still envision that scenario. And I can appreciate even the small wins in the direction of that kinder more accepting world. (Hey, a girl can dream….)

Celebrating small wins in life is really an important discovery when you think about it. Each little win builds on the last, and that creates momentum towards whatever it is you’re striving for. In the spirit of creating the life you desire and deserve, that’s a big puzzle piece!

So today, what’s something you can claim as a “small win”? What puzzle piece is now in place that is helping you progress towards that life you desire and deserve? The more you recognize the wins, the more wins there will be to inspire momentum. Celebrating life in small wins then, is a smart habit to adopt. I think that’s a habit that I’ll adopt as soon as I pick up my journal tonight….


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