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Celebrating the Equal Light/Equal Night of “Equinox”

One of my favorite excuses for festivities is celebrating the equal/light-equal/night “Equinox” day that comes annually at this time of year. I’m posting this a few days early because lately my auto-post scheduler has malfunctioned, leaving me to believe I have posts out there that as it turns out, have never seen the light of day. And clearly, since equinox is the balance between dark and light, this post needs to see “the light of day” as scheduled!
(“If you want something done right, do it yourself,” is the adage that circles my brain drain at the moment lol )

The beauty of yin/yang balance in nature has long intrigued me: Winter/Summer Spring/Fall Night/Day Dry/Rainy Hot/Cold…. It’s the distinctness of how seasons are so apparently planned and designed with such architectural uniqueness that causes me pause and awe….

  • Autumn colors the world with brilliant hues, while teasing us with mercurial thermostat settings
  • Winter hides much beauty if one cares to peek beneath the sheets of ice (instead of hibernating)
  • Spring awakens the world in brilliant living colors and textures providing the muse Masters revel in
  • Summer polarizes us with long hot days that make us forget will soon fade back into the blank slate of Winter

Equinox reminds us to flow in life as seasons gradually relinquish control to the next days…. No matter how hard we try, it’s not possible to hold onto what’s fleeting. And everything is fleeting. We can learn a lot by paying attention to the lessons and mindfully living in sync with Nature….

In fact, don’t the seasons call you, energetically speaking? I know that this time of year, I am baking breads, spending hours creating hearty stews and soups, canning and caring for the harvest, and celebrating the bounty. It feels like another layer needs to be added to the bed, not necessarily because it’s cold, but more so, because it’s time to snuggle up with a good book, and take a slower pace. The lamps come on a little earlier, the drinks become a bit warmer, and summer’s lemonade stand is gone until next year. I find myself spending more time contemplating, and less time running around town in the name of “errands.”

The sweaters are coming out today (that’s MY tradition) and a donation to charity will soon follow. It just feels right to give when I have so much, and clothes are a consistent bounty that needs to be cleared. It’s different than “Spring Cleaning” in that, this time of year I consider the warmth of those living without shelter; they’ll soon be in need of sweaters and coats and gloves and scarves and blankets…. My mind begins to race at how I can best help them, and I foresee knits with the slightest imperfection, ill-fit, or style shift going to new owners.

My inner goddess guides me to connect more with the elements. She nudges me to stand barefoot on the Earth, with my face towards the sunlight, and to remember that all is cyclical. She also urges me to be unyielding in renewed commitments to self-love, to tolerating less, to continuous peeling back of the layers….  I Am re-minded. And suddenly, thunder roars as jagged lightning strikes, and the rain begins to pour….

PS~ Here’s a REALLY great article about equinox I think you’ll enjoy.

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