Change Is Good


Change is Good

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that my website has been under-going some extreme alterations. Just like us, this site is organic and transformative…evolving, I like to believe. In the spirit of evolution, I have been doing some serious soul-searching. As a result, this website, and indeed, my business and livelihood, are once again in that chaotic state where I feel as if the rug has been pulled from beneath my feet, not once, but at least twice in the past week.

I have been working with a personal coach, and I have the utmost respect for her. With that love and respect in my heart, I gotta tell you that I have been struggling with the balance of my authentic core message, which in case you’ve missed it, has always been one of “self-esteem,” balanced against the actual outcome my clients receive, which is transformational empowerment. Or, if I look at the cover images of Escaping the Chrysalis and The Flying Game, maybe it’s liberation…. It’s that act of labeling and categorizing and pruning things down that has me in an emotional uproar….

You see, the struggle to plug everything into a square hole doesn’t suit me. Labels make me spit; they taste bad. And lately, I’ve been bombarded with lessons on labels and pigeon holes.

Several times each week, I am seriously plugged into programs that feed me with opinionated information. Some of these programs resonate, and some…well…not so much.

So in the final wash, what I’ve come to understand is that all the coaching in the world is a lot like religion. As such, I am doing what I do naturally, and what I persuade my clients to do as well. That is, see life’s offerings as a smorgasbord. Belly up to the bar of life and taste the offerings. Then, when you have a good sampling on your taste buds, and only then, make choices of what to keep and what to never revisit again.

I know in my heart and soul that I am here to empower women and enlighten men. Most everyone who shows up here is on his or her own expansive evolutionary path, and I sincerely appreciate every visitor and most especially those who stay and play and those who return repeatedly. This has been my calling for almost three decades, so there’s a lot I’ve been blessed to experience, and there are people who have crossed paths with me that I will remember forever. Some of these folks, I have never met physically, and yet, I love them dearly in a way that is so profound and heart-warming.

Although you and I may never shake hands or embrace, I still feel you. I feel your hopes, your pains, your joys, your desires, your insecurities, your ego, your damage, your resilience, your love, your pain, your tenacity, your weakness, and your strength. I feel you. And now, I hope you feel me too.

My heart wants to open like a fragile egg, spilling the beginnings of life into your view. So here it is: This is a new place, with tender roots and fresh shoots springing forth to grow into the likes of an International Peace Garden. There has been a lot of pruning taking place. There are also new seeds planted. Sure, it’s the same garden that it was last month, but it’s been fertilized and the growth is starting to be as healthy and rapid as the flowers in springtime.

Despite all the weeding and hoeing and cultivating, I have held a sacred space for you here. Intuitively, after the rows were sown, I sensed you would be here. I knew you were coming.  And I’m glad you’re here, now.

It is my deepest desire that you will be inspired to grow and thrive and transform into the magnificent, unique flower you were born to be. Inspiring your blossoming into the full-winged version of who you are is my passionate calling. There is no doubt that this purpose is the reason I am here on this planet at this time. If we work together, it’s a magical thing. And if we never meet, please realize that your whole and perfect fulfillment are still in my heart. I send you loving energies across and around the globe.

It’s a challenge to keep up, sometimes, with each and every single one of you, but my goal is to make each one of you feel loved, and feel special. Even if we never actually talk, or meet in person, I send you love. Together, our synergy is the energetic frequency that will ultimately alter the path of humankind. And if we do work together, all the better to share the current.

If you are interested in seeing if we’re a good fit for consulting, if you are ready to embrace your whole feminine power, and if you are willing to step out of smallness and into your whole glory, I do hope you’ll schedule a Discovery Session (using the pop up scheduler at the bottom right corner) to see if we’re a good fit for services. Or, if you’re ready to cut through the growth and shift now, visit the Products & Services Page and discover your perfect elixir for transformation.

We are each here on a personal level to be empowered, and on a global level, to change the planet. And change is good.



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