Change Your Life with this Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

Change Your Life with this Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

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After much labor, time, and energy of the past eons…the empowering companion to the award-winning Escaping the Chrysalis is in the last push until this brainchild is finally born! The much anticipated, jam-packed, life-changing Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is so close I can see the crown chakra! lol

This Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, is just that: A WORKBOOK! It’s meant to be scribbled in, dog-eared, colored in and used-used-used! This volume contains so much inspiring, valuable information that can absolutely transform your life!

PLUS, we’ve add a few dozen journal pages so you can keep your thoughts and activities all in one place. This is the life-changing book you want. It uses tricks of the trade to enlighten, empower, and transform. And until this special ends, it can be yours for a HUGE $avings!

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This is as excited as I’ve been for a very long time! And when you get this über self-empowering Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, you will be excited too! And as a special bonus, we’ve added several dozen journaling pages to the workbook so your thoughts will be right there with you as you complete the exercises!

This is the content that is offered to participants of the 12 day course! This is the juicy, life-changing meat of my offerings! If you are one of the many, many, many who have told me you want to change your life, here is your chance to invest in yourself for almost nothing!

Next week the price of the workbook is out of my hands. But today, and for the next few hours, you can have this for less than half price! Today YOU get it for what Amazon will be paying for it! But you’ve gotta hurry because once this gets into the hands of the distributors, my hands have no more say in the pricing. This is my gift to you! More than a 50% $avings. That’s a small amount indeed to change your life! Or wait a week and pay the full price of $97…or be smart and start your life transforming journey today for $47.74. It’s completely up to you. Just as is your expansion or constriction. What will you choose?

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Still reading? Are you wondering about the “You Benefits” of this dynamic, life-transforming Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook? Do you have questions?

Some questions from anticipating readers are:

  • Do I need to have read Escaping the Chrysalis in order to get the benefits of the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook? ANSWER: The answer is no. It is not absolutely necessary that you have read Escaping the Chrysalis, however, reading Escaping the Chrysalis, will unquestionably strengthen the benefits of the exercises included in the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook.This is because there are so many examples in the book that are not contained in the workbook. 
  • Is this workbook a stand alone or must I attend workshops, etc. ANSWER: That’s a question that I will answer with a Yes it is a “stand alone” volume that means No, you do not need to attend any future workshops, or online courses. It would be another layer if you were to complete the exercises and assignments in the workbook, and then attend as example, the 50 Days to Empowerment Bootcamp, but it is definitely not a requirement for receiving the benefits of the content. Life is a process, and with that in mind, my own philosophy is to continue to build layers of success and knowledge. For that reason, I continue to attend various seminars, etc., as I also find other means of investing in myself. So the short answer to this question would be, invest at whatever level of growth you are seeking. All products and services offered here are designed to be layers of the whole. And each stands alone as each participant is able to then partake from the buffet of offerings as she chooses.
  • Does this Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook have a shelf-life? Will the exercises still be relevant to me in coming years? ANSWER: The answer to this question is a profound NO EXPIRATION DATE! This rich content is timeless and the tools you will add to your transformation toolkit will always remain a part of your psyche and at your fingertips. This workbook is filled with timeless meditations, affirmations, quizzes, exercises, and trade-secret techniques, including how to use your dreams for empowerment. This workbook is designed to be used. It is not a pretty space holder for your bookshelf! It is meant to be YOUR COMPANION whenever you feel the need or desire to call on it. The only “shelf life” is for the rest of your life!
  • How can this help me change my life? ANSWER: The answer to that is another question: How do you want to change your life? Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is ripe with possibilities for changing your life. The tools are included, and all you have to do is commit to whatever change you wish to make in your life. Then, follow through. I like to think of goal setting in the same way a pilot does: Decide the destination, set the steps to get there in the most direct manner, and make corrections all the way to the destination. It’s best to start with determining who is the captain flying your ship. When you take ownership of the controls, you will get to where you are headed.
  • I’m scared, honestly of what will happen to me if I really participate. Any suggestions for a scared cat? ANSWER: Oh if only you knew me in my youth! I was a backward, shy, pathetic really, little girl who got straight “A” report cards and lived in an ultra dysfunctional family. From the ashes, I soar. And so can you. Thousands of my clients came to me with no “ownership” of their respective lives. And in the end, In 100% of the participants who graduate, the transformational emergence into full-winged splendor replaced the awkwardness. You were not meant to live small. It’s time to step into your light.

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