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Change Your Mind to Change Your Karma

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I have a gift for you today, Change Your Mind to Change Your Karma. It’s a little PDF that you can download to your computer hard drive or to your android, however you choose.

The PDF is a brief instructional for ways to change your karma if you feel as if you are not living your ideal life.

Here’s the thing about karma that is often misconstrued:

  • Karma is not a punishment.
  • Karma is not a reward.
  • Karma is a neutral energy

Karma has no soul or judging capacity. It’s what you decide to broadcast.

That may be hard to swallow. It requires taking responsiblity for life circumstances rather than playing the victim card.

In truth, when you accept that you can change your mind to change your karma, that’s very empowering. Because when you realize that your karma belongs to you –when you own it, you are free from excuses and are free to consciously create the karma of your ideal life.

Pretty empowering, ehh?

Go get it goddess. And begin to consciously create your ideal life: Karma Consciousness
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