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Because things are changing constantly, I want to mention that all individual coaching with me is now part of the Platinum Elite Signature Coaching program. You may have noticed that several months back, I stopped offering those little 15 minute Clarity Calls. It seemed like the thing to do at the time, because I was getting really busy. But I really enjoy those calls. And of course many of them lead to longer term investments, and that’s where profound growth takes place. Even the calls that are brief and don’t lead immediately to larger investments are valuable. Often, all it takes is a Clarity Call to head you in the right direction. And so, I have now decided to bring them back. Because here’s my truth: My calling is to inspire women to step into their power by transforming struggles into strength. It is a purpose born of every experience of my life. And as such, I want to talk with you. The authentic connection that comes with real communication that’s not dependent on a key board is so rich. And in some cases, huge breakthroughs come in those little 15 minute sessions. And just as often, the clarity leads to an investment that is life changing. And that’s my “why.” That’s the reason I continue to show up and offer content that I hope you enjoy.

With that in mind, I’ll clarify that most often a 15 minute clarity call leads into a long-term (Platinum level) commitment. And if it doesn’t, then it most certainly leads to either a bookcamp, or to the homestudy course, or to the personal awareness and transformation journey that comes in the new release of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. So by saying that all individual coaching is now only available at the Platinum level actually just means that not much has changed! The Platinum Elite Signature Coaching Program is still the fully guaranteed program that will change your life without a doubt, and the complementary 15 minute Clarity Calls and other products and services all lead to a “Platinum” outcome. It’s as it has always been. It just means that I am streamlining things in an effort to provide you with even more quality. And that means that I really want your input. Again. I know I ask often about what you want and need, and that’s because it matters. YOU matter. This is about YOU, and when you tell me what keeps you up at night, or what you would love to see coming down the stream, it’s helpful. Because I have LOTS of ideas and decades worth of tools and techniques, and I don’t want to drown you in that stream of good intentions!

Finally, if you responded to the last survey, thank you! The results are being compiled and the final report generated. It is so fantastic to get such GREAT input! And that input will be coming out in the next launch, so your voice is being heard. That’s truly what it’s all about! So again, thank you. You mean the world to me. You matter.

Got Input? Want to tell me what keeps you up at night? Got comments?


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