Chasing Rabbits & I Am… Released With FREE Kindle Edition

Chasing Rabbits & I Am... The Art of Attainment is released! And today, it includes a FREE Kindle Version!

Chasing Rabbits & I Am...

  • Do you find yourself with too many “to-do’s” on your list?
  • Is your focus and energy scattered in too many places?
  • Is your task list getting longer instead of shorter?
  • Are you feeling stressed at not accomplishing all you set out to do?
  • Are you peddling fast and going nowhere faster?

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… is based on the adage, “if you chase too many rabbits you won’t catch any.” It connects the god/goddess “I AM” of readers with the calmness that leads to success and fulfillment –and less bald spots if you’re the sort who pulls out your hair in frustration!

Available on Amazon, Chasing Rabbits & I AMThe Art of Attainment gives you the short cut to attaining what you desire.

Check it out on Amazon, where you can look inside before you buy!

Focus on one rabbit at a time, and watch how rapidly your goals come to fruition!

Get it today and get the FREE Kindle Edition too! Free is good!








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