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Clearing as a Critical Sacred Practice

Since the first of the year, I’ve felt “off” to the point of being faced with owning my depressed state. There is nothing specific I can put my finger on, except that every year for as long as I can recall, I have created a fresh vision board on New Year’s Eve. This year, that ritual didn’t happen.

Another annual ritual that I practice is, at the end of each year, I evaluate the good and the bad in both my business and my personal life. This evaluation process was also stalled.

In business, the evaluation helps me to correct the trajectory towards the destination I’ve chosen. It helps me to toss out what’s not working, refine what needs polishing, and perfect what is working. Like every good pilot knows, corrections are a consistent and necessary practice to keep headed for the planned landing.

It’s similar for reaching personal goals. The goals must be determined, and the focus placed on that goal line. Along the way, tweaks are made and alternates are almost always necessary. Life happens. And it serves no wise purpose to be rigid in the face of life.

When finally, I did create the space for completing my annual business evaluation, this year I sharply cut a lot of the old brush, weeded out the systems that under perform, and permanently parked a lot of past options for services. The word decide means “to cut away” and I decided to cut away a lot of the old programs, services, and products to streamline the coaching side of my business and make way for new energies to flow….

As for my personal life, I thinned out the herd in my closets and in my environments. Following the advice of Marie Kondo of Tidying Up notoriety, I sorted, reminisced, and donated anything that doesn’t “spark joy” or which I cannot see being a valuable part of my future. That level of clearing is challenging, and seemingly never-ending. I think I could clear my closets of clothing items every day, and still find something to give away.

Although Kondo never uses the term feng shui, her, “Tidying Up” solutions are clearly based in that energy flow concept. And once my clearing was completed, I could feel that energizing free-flow, and bask in the freshly organized tidiness. My space rises up to greet me, as Oprah once said, and that’s a lot better than walking into a space that weighs heavy with something tangible that’s both stagnant and stifling. (To learn more about feng shui, consider the instant gratification digital version of Simplified Feng Shui for $17 thru the secure PayPal link below. It’s a life changer!)

As an additional layer to my clearing, I also smudged my environment in Native American tradition, with fresh smoldering sage followed by a smoking braid of sweet grass. I ran onto this article about smudging, and I thought you might enjoy it, so I included it here.

Scientific Facts That Make Me Want to Start Smudging Right Now

However it’s done, I do see clearing as a critical sacred practice. Energy clearing is a vital component to a life well-lived. We are surrounded by frequencies that impact us, whether it’s through the company we keep, the thoughts we think, the emotions we nurture, the environment we immerse in, the books we read, the entertainment that occupies us, the cultural and familial frequency we wear (often as a badge of honor for surviving life’s battles), individually, we do have the last say as the captain of our subjective crafts. We alone set the trajectory and decide how to navigate to the destination of our choice. Too often, I think we forget that power of free will.

I’ve heard from others who are experiencing similar low-level energies since the first of the year. Some point to astrological effects, others blame shorter, darker days in the Northern Hemisphere, and still others look to politics as the source of malaise, but regardless, ultimately, that energy is a call for attention to something which needs to be addressed. It says it’s time to look deeper, and to adjust the trajectory….

As for me being “off” since the first of this year, pulling out my 365 Day Gratitude Planner is helping. And in case you missed it, it’s available this month for only $1.99 (regularly priced at $15) as a digital download. It may easily be the best $1.99 you ever invest in yourself.

What we focus on expands, and spending time focusing on what there is to be grateful for is the best way I know of to create a positive energetic shift. I imagine what life will look like at the end of this year when I’ve completed the 365 Day Gratitude Planner. Let me know if you too use it, and what you experience.

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