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Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance


In my previous post, I wrote about manifesting from the heart chamber, I and promised more to come.

There are a few levels to the story, but the most central is that I had closed off my heart to receiving love.

[bctt tweet=”When you block the flow of love, you block the flow of abundance, including wealth, health and joy.” via=”no”]

I had blocked the flow of love, because the loss of my son was so exquisitely unbearable, was so unfathomable that I never again wanted to feel that level of love. The vulnerability of love was the last thing I wanted to feel. My heart hardened into a solid geode where few could penetrate, even if they dared try. I insulated myself against any attempts to get close to me, successfully isolating me and allowing me to explore the dogma, the social mores, and the cultural conditioning in which I had been indoctrinated. I peeled back each layer and then moved to the next, until I reached my core.


[bctt tweet=”When the heart flow is blocked off, there is no way for abundance to flow. Period. ” via=”no”]

It took me years to come back to this place of awareness. Yet, it all seems so basic now. With tongue in cheek, I ask what is it that is said of “hindsight” and clearer “vision”? Yes, in time, it all made sense that as I blocked off my heart to one energy, I blocked it off to all flow. In time the pieces fit perfectly. Without the struggle, and the resultant peeling back of layers, I may have never understood that I alone was blocking my abundance and ability to manifest the life I desired.

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[bctt tweet=”We are whole. And when any part of the whole is stopped, the whole is affected. ” via=”no”]Whether it is in reference to the mind-body-spirit connection, or to the ethereal energy body, a blockage in one energy is a blockage of all energetic flow.

When my heart eventually cracked back open, the flow was like a wash to my cells, carrying away the dead energies and replacing them with sweet abundance of joy, that seemed to immediately bring renewed vigor and health. That health in return, brought opportunities and inspirations for abundance of wealth creation and further inspiration that had been dammed off by grief. The results were beautiful. Yet even then, I failed to make the connection that we manifest from our sacred heart chamber….
Geode-HeartSo once again, the Universe was compelled to show me that truth by taking away almost everything I owned, and leaving me homeless, and feeling as alone as I have ever felt. I was stripped bare of possessions in order to explore what matters, and to begin to more fully recognize my creative hand in all of it, from the loss to the lessons of manifestation.

And that too brought about a lesson: One of another truth that: [bctt tweet=”Regardless of how alone and vulnerable we feel, we are never truly alone….” via=”no”]

More on that next time, when I share the lessons of isolation, support from strangers in what I consider miracles, and how to drop down into your heart chamber to manifest the life you desire.

Until then, practice gratitude, and thank you, often. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance

  1. Thank you Danne, for your poignant comments. I write only of what I know as a result of lessons learned, as do you. And we absorb exactly what we need to hear/feel in any given moment, when we are ready to know “it.”

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