How to Know If It’s Co-Dependency or If It’s LOVE?

Co-Dependency or LOVE Cover 3D PNG

How do you know if it’s co-dependence or LOVE?

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Learn to distinguish co-dependent traits and behaviors in yourself and in others, and make the necessary corrections. Finally answer the question for yourself:

“Am I co-dependent?”

Well are you? Do you know the answer to that question?

A hefty percentage of what passes for romantic “love” is un-realistic, imbalanced, passive-aggressive, and often manipulative or controlling. Sometimes it’s deadly.

The thing is, most of the time the truth only seeps out with passing time, sometimes after the damage is done, time is invested, a lot of changes have transpired, perhaps a move, or maybe children are involved….

Co-Dependency or LOVE

Can you imagine being aware of the characteristics of co-dependency, and then being able to change those traits, or if they belong to a manipulative lover, walking away with your sense of self intact?

Seriously imagine being able to identify dysfunction before it sneaks up on you!
Imagine learning to let go of whatever does not serve you in a healthy way.
Imagine discovering a mutually rewarding romance with a strong foundation of respect and honesty, and without the mind games and emotional turmoil….
Imagine being your authentic self, without posturing and insecurity, as you thrive within the relationship that feeds your soul, your intellect, and your whole being….

What if you learned how to let go of anything that made you feel victimized?
What if you could recognize immediately when to leave and when to stay?
What if you knew exactly how to move ahead when it felt right?
What if you too had a soul mate who cherished everything about you, and you offered the same in return?


LOOK Before You LEAP!

Ask yourself:

♥ Who were your role models for “love”?
♥ What is love?

Love is liberating, not stifling, and yet how many people feel trapped in a relationship that doesn’t offer any real chance for personal growth for either party?

  • How many times in your life have you witnessed or been in a healthy, fulfilling romantic relationship?
  • How scared are you of entering into a romance?

This ebook is not just for singles! Even if you are married, engaged, or otherwise entwined, you can improve your romance by identifying some basic truths that can enhance your current relationship….

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  • Have you ever wondered if you are with “the one” or if there’s a better fit for you?
  • Have you ever believed there is no hope for you, and so you’ve given up on ever finding “the one”?
  • What if you had the tools to finally see your own tendencies for self-sabotage?
  • What if you were shown the ways in which you push away possibly the best chances for a long-term rewarding romance?
  • What if you really can have that soul mate relationship that until now you’ve only fantasized about?
  • How would your life change if every day you woke up with the man or woman of your dreams, and it wasn’t a chaotic unhealthy relationship, but was rather a divine connection that brought out the best in each partner?

Co-Dependency or LOVE Cover 3D PNG


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Co-Dependency or LOVE Cover 3D PNG