Life Coach Certification

Live your passionate purpose helping others as a certified life coach!

Have you thought about how it would be if you were to live your passionate purpose while helping others? Do you believe you would be a terrific life coach? If so, you may be invited to join us in learning the “dharma approach” to life coaching….

The dharma approach is a proprietary coaching process which takes into account every facet of the whole person, mind-body-spirit, and works to empower clients with the innate tools we were each born with and were then systematically taught to forget or deny.

You’re a good candidate for becoming certified as a life coach if this is you:

  • Are you the friend or family member that others turn to for your sage advice?
  • Have you long been ‘counseling’ co-workers for free?
  • Have you experienced events that have empowered you with wisdom?
  • Have you been told you’re “a good listener”?
  • Are you passionate about helping others?
  • Have you done development work on your SELF?

If the answers to all or most of the questions above are “YES” you may be in the perfect place to become a certified life coach

This particular ‘Dharma Approach’ to life coaching certification is designed for those with a mission to serve others from a spirit-connected, heart-led, and mind-body-spirit aware source of authentic caring. In other words, this brand of life coach certification is for women practicing feminine power principles of cooperation, collaboration, sharing, and nurturing, beginning with the self.

It’s for those who work or will be working as a coach to women in various areas of expertise, with the final outcome desired being one of empowering those women to live their best limitless lives. From empowering women in areas of health and wellness, to enhancing relationships, to wealth creation, if your calling to work to empower women to live their best lives possible, this certification program may be for you.

This is coaching certification for those who have not yet begun a coaching career, or for those who are in the early stages of building their life coaching business and desire clarity, accountability, and access to a self-love toolkit of proprietary empowerment tools for coaching others.

This particular school of thought is not for everyone. Here’s why:

  • Dharma life coaching approach is holistic, taking into account the WHOLE person
  • It is based on tenets of love, especially self-love which must come first
  • The dharma approach is intensive and authentic and highly effective
  • The dharma approach requires certified coaches to walk the talk
  • Prior to acceptance, you will be interviewed to see if you’re a fit now, or in the future

This dharma approach life coaching certification is a 6 month commitment that requires online capabilities and a viable Internet Provider. You can become a Certified Life Coach from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet, and fit the criteria of being a mission-led woman….

This coursework is INTENSIVE.

Not everyone making application will be accepted into the training. 

  • Certification process is 6-months start to finish
  • ‘Live’ sessions are conducted via SKYPE
  • Coursework is offered online in a special secure portal where we will interact
  • Coursework is delivered in weekly modules 4 X each month
  • The final week of each month is dark (no live services-online coursework only)
  • Annual participants are limited to 24 per 12 month period; 12 per every 6-months
  • Six month package is $14,997 on a Summit Special of $9997 full pay.
  • Payment arrangements may be possible and will be discussed as needed.
  • All course materials `books, e-books, audio, videos, online portal fee, etc. are included in cost of tuition

Because the “dharma” approach to life coaching is unique, and requires an energetic alignment and agreement with the tenets that this intensive, transformational coach’s training subscribes to, not everyone is a “good” fit.

Your interview is a brief process to discuss what you are hoping for in a certified life coaching training.

We do what we can to make referrals to other alternative pathways in the event that we are not of that required “fit.”

The dharma approach to training the trainers is thoroughly dependent on the awakening of the ‘self” at a whole level -Mind, Body, Spirit connection. It is designed with the intention that the trainer, when certified, will be practicing her authentic calling.

Most graduates of Dharma Approach life coach certification have completed the personal 6-month Winged-Women Life Coaching process prior to enrolling in the life coaching certification, but it is not required . The general prerequisite for prior learning may be waived on a case-by-case basis as determined during the interview process. It may also be waived with participation in a rapid shift process, again, as determined during the interview process.

The Dharma Approach to becoming certified as a life coach may be for you:

  • If you believe your calling is to help others step into their power
  • If you are the one friends and family come to for advice
  • If you are a genuinely caring woman who seeks to empower others
  • If you are spirit-led and heart-centered and open to receiving
  • If you are non-competitive with other women
  • If you are in flow with feminine power principles of cooperation & collaboration
  • If you have a strong sense of self, or are beginning to awaken to your worth
  • If you are aware of your strengths, talents, and desires as leading you to this natural next step to become a certified life coach

For further information about being considered for life coaching certification, fill in the form below, and provide your contact information. We’ll schedule an interview, and discuss the details, including special financing options.

To be considered for the Winged~Women dharma approach life coach certification please complete the form below. Submitting the form does not obligate you, nor does it ensure a place in the training.

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