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Individual Coaching with Jan Deelstra is now ALL Platinum level.

There is a reason for this decision to transition all individual coaching into the platinum realm of service, and that is because stepping into your power means stepping up to invest in yourself and in your growth. It also ensures a more effective, personalized experience with permanent results.

All products, services, and coaching tools lead to a Platinum Outcome!

Jumping for Joy

If you’re ready to embrace your wings, and to discover how expansively, with my expert guidance, your life can transform into the life you were born to live. Step into your light. It’s time for you to invest in you. It’s time for you to shine.

The following is a list of Platinum Coaching Packages beginning with most intensive and highest investment of time and money to the least investment. Simply click in the Platinum Service you prefer below and you will arrive on a page with details and pricing for that particular service:


Monthly Coaching Sessions:

  • 3 X Month  $997
  • 2 X Month  $697
  • 1 X Month  $497

*Prices quoted are approximate and subject to change. For the exact investment, click on the individual service.

This is the ultimate safe place to expand your potential, and in which to align the whole beingness of you, your Mind-Body-Spirit-Universe Connection.

  • It’s also the most effective place to authentically change your life
  • Turn your struggles into strength
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Be fully heard, seen, respected, and appreciated
  • Receive confidential consultation
  • Blossom into the full-winged woman you are
  • Live an empowered, authentic life on your terms

With these newly implemented coaching levels of service, we have also reintroduced the 15 minute Clarity Call option so you may “test the waters” before diving in.
I support you fully, in your mission to be the most empowered, energetically attractive, spiritually enlightened and emotionally fulfilled, and fully balanced woman you can be.

This is a sacred space I have held for you. All products and services support you in your personal transformation into the greatest version of YOU. ♥

Your feminine power comes as a result of the balanced energetic alignment of sharing, receptivity, collaboration, openness, heart-centered clarity of purpose, inspired action, enhanced self-awareness, and nurturing attention to self-care. You are home here. Welcome. Much love and gratitude to you. ♥

Still unsure? Schedule a complimentary confidential 15 minute Clarity Call to see what we can accomplish together.

110942-glowing-green-neon-icon-arrows-arrow-styled-right (2)Click to Schedule♥ Please note that we still offer various content from on-line self-study courses and the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbooks for those who prefer self-study or an entry point into personal self-development. ♥

For all other products & services or if you have questions which are not answered here, please use the CONCIERGE or email