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Communication: Owning Your Voice

Tell me honestly:

  • Are you getting your needs and desires met?
  • Are you being well-received?
  • Are you listened to, and understood?
  • Is there something you want to say, but lack courage?
  • Would you benefit from setting better boundaries?
  • Do you need a lesson in saying “No”?

For several decades, I have helped women to learn to own their voices, and to be assertive in order to get her needs met. Often times, when a woman is first learning to step into a more effective assertive way of communicating, she swings wide to the other side, in essence becoming not assertive, but rather, becoming aggressive.

The victim then becomes the victimizer.

This is clearly NOT what is in the best interest of anyone involved! To better center that communication pendulum, it’s important to learn to use “I messages” when asking for what you want or need. As this video illustrates, when we start a sentence with “I” instead of “You” we are much more likely to be heard.

This video is almost an hour long. That means yo may or may not have time at this moment to watch it. But even if you are busy, I hope you will subscribe to my new YouTube channel (it will soon fully replace my old channel). The channel is the new home for women’s empowerment videos. Once they are posted here, they will show up in my YouTube Women’s Empowerment Toolbox. I hope you’ll subscribe!


As a final thought, learning to own your voice comes with the responsibility to also listen effectively, respectfully to the other person, with open lines and heart. It is to trust your intuition when entering into any conversation with another. Trust yourself to walk away if the situation becomes dangerous. And trust your intuition if it tells you to hold your tongue for fear of danger.

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My objective is to give some tools for more effective, safe, and clear communication. Words have power. They have the power to empower. Let me know how these techniques work for you.

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