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Confidence and Money

You were born brave and strong. You fought your way out of the womb demanding to breathe! The concept of self-esteem, or of “confidence” was nowhere on your radar because it was such a natural part of who you were from birth. No one had to reassure you of your worth. You didn’t suffer some neurosis about not feeling “good enough.” You were born whole and perfect in your humanness.

Systematically, that mind/body/spirit wholeness of you got chinked away at. And by the time you were seven years old, seeds of insecurity had begun to take root in the fertile soils of your subconscious mind.

Those seedlings became fertilized with playground bullying, by insignificant thought leaders in the classrooms, by the words and actions of unskilled caregivers, and through the childhood filters with which you strained all the details that came at you….

Eventually, you translated your life experience through the eyes of that child, and brought those beliefs into adulthood where they kept you feeling as small as when you first felt the sting that told you maybe you weren’t all that special, that had you believing maybe you are not “good enough.”

And not being good enough, is the point of attraction vibrational frequency that keeps you stuck in the same predictable level of romance, finance, friendships, opportunities and happiness.

Yep. Your confidence is affecting your bottom line for more than just wealth. 
Your confidence has an impact on every area of your life.

So what do you do with that? Do you see it, feel it, and turn the other way, or do you finally take action to own your wings? Do you decide to stop letting the interpretations from childhood from effectively harnessing you to past lies that keep you feeling small?

Confidence enhancing rituals can be inserted easily into the activities that you practice every day without much mindfulness. A few simple tweaks can help you break the cords that tether you to self-doubt. It’s not hard. It doesn’t require drama. It asks only that you become aware, as you implement the new ways of showing up for yourself. Because when you start to show up for yourself, the result is a fast shift that opens the doorway for more blessings. And who doesn’t want that?

At the newly online Winged-Women™ Academy, every course starts where you are. That is, it starts with your current situation and your current confidence skill set and with your current inner feeling of self-worth and deserving. That’s because with thousands of hours of counseling women (and some hundreds spent with men), the one core thread that every woman shows up with is an inner gnawing of not being good enough. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN.

Now consider that I have worked to empower women since 1984, and the spectrum of personalities, of socio-economic variance, of race, religion, family, culture, city, state, country, and mindset is, in an understatement, WIDE.  And one true thread in the weave of the lives of every single woman is self-worth.

It doesn’t matter how much wealth, how much popularity, or the family roots, the thread of not being good enough is consistent.

I say, it’s time for that to change.

I am asking you to do something. I want very much, for women to awaken to their feminine strengths to create a strong and kind and supported and self-nurturing existence wherever they are on the globe. And I want you to be a ray of that global beam that connects all of us at a vibrational level. I’m asking you to spread the light by sharing this post with every woman you know. All you do to share it, is to either copy the url and send an email to your favorite friends, and/or to copy the url and write a little social media post to share with friends.

The reason I ask, and appreciate you sharing this, is because I was considering what Albert Einstein referred to as the modern-day miracle of compound interest. And that got me to thinking about how many positive ripples we can create when we compound our effortless sharing of empowering content. It’s all about the numbers in both equations! So let’s see how big the wave can be when we consciously send out the ripples.

My hope is that women will visit the Winged-Women™ Academy, and will find the perfect course/courses to empower living by the feminine power principles that make this world a more enriched place to be. And at the same time, each woman will begin to create her own inner shifts that lead to personal and global transformation. Isn’t that a divine picture? I think it is.

I envision the whole planet aglow with the light of billions of enlightened women,
each owning her subjective power, and in every corner of the world

I hope you’ll join me. I do realize that it seems an impossible dream. And that’s what makes it especially worth doing….

Are you in? Will you be my Winged-Women™ Ambassador? It’s as easy as sharing this post.



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