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Confidence Does Not Come From Cosmetics

Confidence is sexy. It’s more attractive than any new perfume, is more impressive than any new dress, and it matters profoundly to every area of your life. Confidence is Queen. It cannot be bought, and it doesn’t come in a tube or in a bottle. Confidence does not come from cosmetics or clothes or from the soaps and shampoos, and it surely doesn’t come from that designer bag or red-soled pumps. Cosmetics Don’t get me wrong: I adore well-made, stylish things as much as the next woman…. And it is with full consciousness that I have made some questionable, albeit emotionally driven purchases of some high-end items that have helped boost my self-image…for a minute. It’s when I watch ads on the television or in print that have clearly left little of the original model, it’s when the natural beauty is airbrushed out of the authenticity in the name of advertising that I draw my line in the sands. Because the truth is, all advertising is meant to cause you to feel bad about yourself.

Read that again:


If advertising caused you to feel good, why would you purchase what they’re selling? You wouldn’t. You would not run to the cosmetics counter to buy the latest treatment if you didn’t fear what will otherwise happen to your skin. You wouldn’t care if you had grey hairs if someone hadn’t convinced you to feel otherwise. Advertisers need you to feel bad about who you are so you’ll spend your money to feel better. Hmm…. Is it working? Do you spend countless hours contemplating the wrinkles, the dark circles, the crows’ feet, the blotches and such? Do you look briefly at the old person in the mirror and wonder with disgust where she came from? Do you cover your roots, highlight your eyes, smile behind a closed mouth? Do you erase, conceal, hide behind the contents of jars and fear the worst if anyone were to see you in your natural states? Are you good enough? When you’re alone with you, do you enjoy and genuinely like the company you’re keeping? Are you most authentic when alone? Does it scare you?

You ARE GOOD Enough. In fact, you’re PERFECT.

You are perfect in your “human-ness” and it is with that loving sentiment in my heart that I bring you the following profoundly moving video. I hope you enjoy it. And if for some reason the video does not embed in this email, copy and paste the link into your browser and preview it on YouTube:

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