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Confidence Tip #1

Confidence and You

Confidence has an effect on every facet of your life. Your confidence level is directly correlated to your job, your finances, your friends, lovers, and even influences who you marry. And confidence is hot.

Confidence is Hot

Consider just for a moment, a recent social or business gathering you attended. Who were the people who clearly projected confidence? You probably remember them well because confident people radiate a warmth and enthusiasm that draws people toward them. They approach these occasions as opportunities to meet, greet and grow. They are there to network, whether for fun or business or both. Less confident people, however, generally hide in the background or stick closely to people they know…or gravitate to the buffet, ducking behind the chocolate fountain.

It’s human to yearn to have confidence, to feel as if we belong. With that very “human” yearning in mind, here are a few tips to help you feel confident no matter what you’re doing or whom you’re with.

Smile Which Is Necessary by George Hodan

Smile. Or as my good friend Lily says, “Show some teeth.” Confident people smile – they smile with their mouth and their eyes. Their energy is positive. Even when they are nervous inside, they don’t show it on their facial expression.

Breathe. If you feel a little anxious around people or situations that are unfamiliar to you, take a few deep breaths to relax. Slow, mindful inhales and exhales lower anxiety and nervousness immediately.

Show Interest. Take the focus off yourself and put it on others by asking thoughtful questions and listening with interest. People with confidence care about others. So always ask, listen and learn.

Use Positive Self Talk. Give yourself positive messages, reminding yourself of your strengths, talents and successes. Recite a simple mantra for when you are feeling anxious or uncertain. Repeat your personal mantra prior to entering into a new setting so you will be bolstered and up for the challenge.

The truth is, any new situations can make anyone feel a bit anxious and uncertain. And by applying these simple tips, you will feel less nervous, more empowered, and more confident. And confidence, in case you missed it, is the purpose of this website and all the tools offered here.

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