Confidence Tip #6

confidenceConfidence is the core essence of success or failure. It determines how we are perceived by others and how far we go in life.

However, confidence is not a lack of fear. It’s recognizing fear and moving forward with the courage and confidence to know that regardless of outcome, you’ll still be just fine.

The idea goes something like this: There is a desire which may or may not be turned into a goal, depending on whether or not it is judged “reachable/attainable.” We look at the obstacles and possible outcomes in order to decide if we will pursue the desire, in which case it will become a goal.

The decision to pursue or not however, is veiled by our beliefs, biases, and values. If the desire is in line with our top values, we can check it off as possibly being something to pursue, provided it meets other criteria such as passing our bias test.

The bias test is the filter which has been with us through our entire lives. It’s the social fabric that we were swathed in as infants and schooled in for many years. It consists of social mores and cultural standards and religious dogma and institutionalized lessons.

The shredding of such internalized core definitions of how things are “supposed” to be is impossible if those inner beliefs are not acknowledged. And yet those inner beliefs are at the center of self-confidence or lack of confidence. As a result, we may turn away from a desire simply as a result of inner beliefs which have never even been examined by our now adult logical mind.

Confidence tip #6 is to take a moment to examine your values, beliefs and biases, and notice if any of those internalized beliefs are stopping you from confidently stepping into the life you were born to live. Uncover where you learned any fears or beliefs which are holding you back, and determine if it might be time to release any remnant attachments to those fears or beliefs.

Before setting any goal, examine how it resonates with your beliefs & values.

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