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Confidence Tip #8 Making It Happen With Optimism


Optimism is a golden perspective that weaves through your attitude, your beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, through your actions. It’s far more substantiative than simply viewing all of life through rose-colored glasses. Optimism shows itself through your attitude, and through your beliefs and actions. With an optimistic frame, everything in life is connected and relevant.

Traits of Optimistic People:

  1. Set clearly defined goals.
  2. Commit to reach the defined goals.
  3. Put in the effort required to reach the goal.
  4. Do what it takes despite outside opinions.
  5. Stay focused on the big picture “why” of their efforts.
  6. Stay the course through a challenge.
  7. Have coping mechanisms in place for stressful times.
  8. Are energized by their commitment to outcome.
  9. See the good in the world overall.
  10. Acknowledge personal strengths and skills.
  11. Accomplish more despite distractions.

Studies reveal that optimism is a good indicator for predicting potential work performance and success. As it goes, the higher the level of optimism, the better the performance in all areas of life. And lest your negativity and doubt creep up as you read this, know that this is scientifically proven!


Like any success trait, optimism is something which can be learned and perfected. Considering the rewards, it seems that honing the characteristic is a worthy time and energy investment.

Some strategies for becoming more optimistic are:

    1. Intend and expect favorable outcomes. This mental activity actually primes your brain’s reticular activator* to be on the lookout for and recognize possibilities.
    2. Create a Positivity List of the positive things in both your career and your life. At the end of every day, take note of 3-5 good things that happened.
    3. Keep an Optimist’s Journal where you record these positive experiences.
    4. Speak only positive comments about the world and people around you.
    5. Surround yourself with positive successful people.
    6. Turn off the so-called news. If it’s important, you’ll hear about it.

strong_brainBy practicing these success via optimism strategies, you are strengthening your brain’s capacity to seek more for which to be optimistic. It’s a condition of successful people that they continuously see the good, and that perspective rewards them. So what’s your perspective? Is everything rosy?

*Reticular activator: The part of the brain that seeks patterns. When you buy a new blue vehicle, you almost immediately start seeing that same blue vehicle. The brain is programmed to find that “new blue vehicle” via the reticular activator.

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