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Confidence Tip #9: Confidence & Comparison

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful ~Sophia Loren Click To Tweet

So, I am wondering how many times in life you’ve heard others say about another woman, something like, “She is an exceptionally attractive, confident woman.” Did you then compare your self-declared shortcomings to this exceptional woman’s undeniable attributes? Or are you self-secure enough to recognize your unique values?

Sofia Loren Jayne Mansfield
Or perhaps you’ve felt the sting of comparing yourself when you heard a friend say about a stranger, “Wow, her confidence is magnetic! Her aura is brilliant!”

You’ve noticed confident women who shine and sparkle like rare valuable jewels.

Confidence is beautiful! And it’s an attractive trait that attracts attention! And that attraction factor opens endless doors of opportunity…. But comparison is not a recommended course of action because it generally isn’t very self-loving!

Confidence Tip #9 is don’t compare yourself to others!

Perhaps you’ve seen your own confidence falter at times. Some of your past or current struggles may have taken the wind from your wings, and left you feeling depleted.

Exhausted Businesswoman

You may struggle with family issues, or career challenges, or love relationships, financial pitfalls, and personal challenges. Whatever it is that keeps you up at night, together, you and I can transform it. And when it is transformed, you will be free from the emotional weight. And sometimes, that emotional weight manifests as physical weight….

With every unresolved struggle, confidence slips a little if the memories are held on to energetically. As that energy is held, it creates a barrier, and often that barrier leads to weight gain as layers of emotion are stacked one atop the last. Now what we see is unresolved struggle turned into excess body armor which manifests as fat. And what we don’t see, unless we know to look, is that the fat layer is only a symptom of the stagnant energy. And it can be released! And when the energy is released, the physical weight is no longer needed. I cannot count the number of clients who have released the weight with the emotion! It’s a fabulous byproduct of the empowerment process.

Have you taken time to consider your waning confidence and noticed where that lack of confidence has held you back? Perhaps affected by your confidence is your career, or your romantic life, or maybe you see it in your purse and bank balance, and in your overall health and wellness….

Your struggles may have changed you from a once vibrant woman to now sometimes feeling like a bit of a dark cloud. Your light has dimmed. You are not as shiny and social as you once were. Your confidence has faltered. Your self-worth needs a booster shot.

  • The fact is, the first thing people notice when they look at you is your charisma.
  • And the other fact is, I am the Queen Expert of building self-esteem, and with over 30 years experience empowering women, I have what you’re seeking.
  • And here’s another fact:

Charisma comes from confidence. And your increased confidence makes you a more charismatic woman who attracts opportunities, potential connections, friends, lovers, colleagues, and networks of possibilities that influence wealth and health.

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Confidence can make you happier, more self-assured, and undoubtedly even more successful professionally. In certain professions, such as sales or public speaking, as examples, a secure and brilliant confidence is absolutely essential, not to mention that self-confidence is a wickedly important tool in achieving anything valuable in life.

It’s time to transform your struggles into strengths!

I invite you to hang up your struggle shoes and put on your goddess shoes! Because your new-found confidence will exude a brilliant and beautiful attractive force which will magnetize you faster than does the law of attraction! That’s actually a bit of a joke as confidence is absolutely tied into the law of attraction, especially when you consider the effect of a rise in your personal frequency fingerprint as it is magnetizing the matching energetic response….

Is it finally time for you to enhance you sparkle and shine factor and emerge fully in your divine birth right brilliance?! “Yes!” Your inner voice is screaming! “Yes, it is time to sparkle and shine!” (Always listen to your inner goddess guidance….)


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