Learning to love yourself may be at once, the most challenging yet most rewarding and fulfilling journey of your life. When you love yourself enough to learn to say “No” when it is in your best interest, and when you love yourself enough to nurture you first so that you have something to share with others, you are planting seeds of self-worth that grow not only into a better life for you, but which also serves as a role model to others.


And when you learn to trust yourself, to let go of the heart-armor that pretends to keep you safe, you begin to let love in, and to let love flow. The only true way to have real love is to be open and loving, starting with being open and loving with your whole self….


I’ll share with you that there was a time when my heart was like a geode: Hard and crusty on the outside, but achingly beautiful and begging to be revealed on the inside….


I know what it’s like to disown that vulnerable part of yourself, to barricade your heart in an effort to stop the hurting.

It’s because I have been there, have experienced great depths of trauma, that I can lead the way for other women to learn to trust not others, but yourself.

It’s because I have been there that I am here today, offering the tools and techniques for transforming your past struggles into strengths for ensuring future success….

It’s because I have been there that I now know the importance of self-care, self-esteem, and self-love above all else….

Here’s the truth:

Your power is in realizing that no matter what, you will be okay. You’ll never again have to wince when someone says “Trust me….”

You’ll know that it doesn’t matter if you trust them. It matters only that you trust you. And that’s a very empowering lesson to own.

With that cultivating of self-love, self-trust, and self-worth in mind, in addition to the free goodies offered here, I also offer you several products and services to enhance your self-esteem and transform your life into the limitless journey it is meant to be.

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Enjoy the journey….

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Thanks for being here. The most important thing in life according to Dr. Oz is to “show up,” so give yourself kudos for showing up for yourself.
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