Do you know that most of your beliefs, including your money beliefs were instilled in your subconscious mind before you were even out of third grade? And many of those concepts were absorbed before you were even out of diapers…. 

Here’s the thing: If you’ve never really addressed those beliefs that were learned in childhood,  your inner child is still affecting your wealth and abundance potential. This is apparent if you see a pattern in your finances….

Maybe no matter how hard you try, you have to admit that you cannot do it alone…. You’ve tried. And you’ve not been able to move that money ceiling more than a hair.

And even when you have managed to feel a sense of breaking through those money blocks, and a little extra money does manage to show up, something happens: A major home repair, a vehicle breaks down and takes any windfall, a medical event, an unexpected bill shows up…something always happens to rob you of your temporary income boost….   

and Enjoy Financial Freedom?

In this eBook, you’ll receive valuable content such as:

  • Discover the Sources of Your Money Blocks
  • Learn Techniques for Releasing Money Blocks
  • Identify the Source of the Beliefs that Affect Your Wealth Ceiling
  • Explore Connections Between Your Behaviors and Habits and Your Money Story
  • Try a 30-Day Challenge: Affirmations

The truth is, everyone, including billionaires have money challenges.  No demographic is immune, and it may surprise you to know that women in particular have unresolved money stories and money blocks that stop abundance flow.

This 48 page eBook, Conquer Your Money Blocks and Enjoy Financial Freedom can help you identify and transform those beliefs and finally conquer those money blocks.

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