Conversations With Women Sharing and Baring from the Soul

I’m here today with a very personal invitation to join me for a series of conversations with women sharing and baring from the soul. These are women who have been able to turn their struggles into strengths, and who have learned to love and accept themselves authentically, as they are.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you realize that my motto is:
You have one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are. Click To Tweet

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In order to really learn to love yourself, you have to become acutely self-aware. The mask is removed. And the inner journey of exploration opens you to the most astonishing and empowering journey you will ever take. It’s where you will meet your inner guide, will learn to trust yourself above all others to know your own best answers, it’s where you will come to terms with your past, will consciously decide what to own and what to release….

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through some pretty trying things in my life, struggles that brought both emotional and physical pain, and which took me to the brink where I saw life’s underbelly, and then discovered the empowering lesson and blessing in each experience, regardless of how nefarious the experience was. As it turns out, there are always Blessings in the Mire.

During these challenging times, I’ve consistently known two things:

  1. Divine Source has my back.
  2. I have some amazing women friends who are willing to listen, cry with me, and give me a swift kick in the pants when I needed it.
You know those moments when you give yourself permission to remove your masks, and just be you – real, raw and vulnerable? Click To Tweet


Those are the times when we learn the most about ourselves and are the moments when true whole being healing occurs! When we, as women, share from that place of truth and authenticity and vulnerability, we are changed. Somehow we raise our vibrations and emit a fresh exalted frequency as we awaken to this authentic essence of who we are. And it is from this place that we have the power to effect positive change in the world.

That is the reason I agreed to bare my soul in an intimate, and unquestionably vulnerable video conversation along with 29 other women. These are women just like you and me who agreed to dive deep and share from their most sacred truth.

Join me for the Embrace All of You Video Series This inspirational series, hosted by my soul sister Dr. Mary Pritchard, features 30 intimate soul-inspiring video conversations, including mine, and was created to inspire YOU to believe that you are perfect just the way you are.

Here’s the truth: We aren’t selling you anything. There’s no pressure. There’s nothing to buy. There are just two women in sacred conversation how they learned to love the woman they see in the mirror just as she is – perfectly imperfect – and the wisdom and lessons they learned along the way.


So pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea and join us for this inspirational series.

Reserve your seat today at and receive access to 30 FREE transformational gifts from me and my co-speakers.

As Dr. Mary Pritchard shares, “My hope in creating this series is that you will see some part of yourself in their stories, and understand the empowered choices these soul-inspiring women have made are yours to make as well. You can learn to embrace all of you, just as you are!”

You’ll meet 29 inspiring co-speakers, women who have walked through fire, stepped through their fears, learned to love the woman they see in the mirror, and showed up as their radiant authentic selves to share their journey with you.

Yes, it feels vulnerable. Of course it is.

Yes, it is scary to show up in front of the world with no mask on. But those of you who know me, and who read my books, know that I live my life that way: Candid. Authentic. Open.

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AND, it’s worth it if even one woman can see herself in one of these sacred conversations and is empowered by it.

That, my friend, is worth baring my soul for! And that is my priority goal.

Remember to reserve your seat today at and receive access to all the 30 empowering and transformational gifts from me and my co-speakers.

I look forward to sharing from my heart to yours. ♥
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