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Cultivating Worthiness …in an Epidemic of ‘Not Being Enough’

Cultivating Worthiness …in an Epidemic of ‘Not Being Enough’ sprouted from years of spoils. Women from all around the globe showing up with a look behind their eyes, even as they smiled to mask the inner gnawing of not being good enough….

In an epidemic of constantly hearing how women felt as if they were ‘not being enough,’ my heart swelled with love. That love expanded in my heart for women globally, as it came of the knowing that I too have felt that heavy drape of not being good enough. It’s a shadow, a sadness, and a heartache that takes root very early on. And it’s fertilized by the culture in which we are planted purely as a chance of birth.

I look around and I see it still behind the eyes of the women I meet, or simply observe. It’s prevalent in the supermarket, on the streets, and clearly evidenced by the way almost every woman I see, is not standing as tall as she should be standing.

Because what I know for sure, is that every woman has a story. It’s rare and rich with experiences known only to her, and is felt deeply in her heart and soul. It’s the voice of her true self, shared rarely, and yet is a wealth of wisdom. And likely, that story will die inside, without being told.

My bias is that every woman has a story worth telling. And because I believe that to be true, in the coming months, I will supply the safe and sacred venue for encouraging women to write that story. We will gather the sweetness into one nurturing venue, and the synergy will be, I’m imagining, spectacular and healing.

It doesn’t have to be published, if that’s what you choose. But if you do agree you have substance to share with other women, stories that empower, inspire, or up-lift, I hope you will save the date of January 7th 2019. Yes, I realize that’s a ways away. And that means your calendar is likely to be open. 🙂

You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks and months, but for now, please plant the seeds of possibility. Because when you share your story in such a way as to not have to re-live the pain if it was painful, and to learn to find the hidden gems in the experience (and even the most nefarious events hold a gem), you are enlivened by the sharing, as are those who receive your wisdom.

Cultivating worthiness in an epidemic of ‘not being enough’ is an important mission. And my heartfelt hope is that you will join me in creating tidal waves of love by way of sharing your story. Imagine what a group of women can do when we join together and create the feminine-powered synergy of self-love and acceptance. It’s beyond the scope of imagination. And the world needs us more than ever.

Save the date: January 7th, 2019. The first new moon of a new year.

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Feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit. Share the self-love ripples.

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