Cultivating Worthiness: You Are a Perfect Seed.


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Cultivating Worthiness: You Are a Perfect Seed.

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Even women who appear to have it all together on the outside, often struggle with blocks about being deserving of a rich, fulfilled life. It’s heart-breaking! And it’s a topic that I’ve addressed daily with clients for over thirty years now.

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In fact, those low-range frequencies of not being worthy or deserving are the frequencies of dis-ease, and lack, and depression. These self-doubts choke off abundance!

There is no reason for harboring these life-zapping energies, when clearly it is so much more rewarding to feel whole and balanced and deserving and worthy!

Due to the prevalence of this unworthiness malady, I have created an online course in order to reach more women than I can one-on-one. This virtual course will facilitate the release of self-doubt, while helping you to expand and enhance self-confidence, and most especially self-worth.

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When we can get to the freeing place of whole well-being, of unquestionable self-acceptance, of a firm knowing of self-worth and deserving, this outcome of self-love opens up the energetic pathway to live a purposeful life on your terms. 

The program is:

Cultivating Worthiness:
You Are a Perfect Seed

Here are the details: I have created a lite version of a course designed to increase self-worth and self-esteem.
In essence, this virtual online course is designed to free participants from the self-doubt shackles.

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There is nothing wrong with you. You are NOT broken. Just like a seed who knows it will grow into a wonderful Sequoia, all you need and will become are already in you, waiting to sprout, grow, and blossom.

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And then, you were systematically taught ways of being and not being. The result is an insecure feeling of self-doubt, a questioning of self-worth, and a fracture in the whole perfect process of growing into you, as you are meant to expand.

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It’s time to hang up the struggle shoes and ditch the suffer hat. It’s a time in history/herstory for shifting from the outdated paradigm of living in a constricted state into now consciously moving towards expansive actions.

Through 30 years of consulting and women’s life coaching, I have seen a common thread. That is the trait of experiencing a lack of self-esteem, and a pervasive, deeply ingrained habit of questioning worthiness and deserving. It is epidemic!

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To help address this detrimental condition that seems to plague so many women, I have created a 30 day online course that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And because it is a BETA version, I have come up with a way to make it ULTRA-AFFORDABLE!

For this month only, the investment will be only $97! After that, the price goes to $497, which is still a small investment to make with results of permanent purposeful growth potential.

There is a caveat: This special pricing is only for the first 50 women to sign up.

  • Imagine what we can accomplish in 30 days to improve your self-worth, and foster self-love!
  • Imagine your life when you are free of self-doubt, and when you know your worth!
  • Imagine the free-flow of abundance when you cease choking off the flow with feelings of not being good enough, or not being deserving, or not being worthy!

Now imagine how fabulous you are going to feel as your self-esteem and self-worth blossom into the beautiful life you are born to live. Imagine your life when you value and love yourself unconditionally. When your worth and deserving nature are intact, you open the flow of abundance of health, wealth, love, joy, creativity, relationships, self-expression, self-love and acceptance, each of which positively affect all areas of your life.

When you pinch off the flow, you starve.
When you heal the path, you thrive.

Cultivating Worthiness: You Are a Perfect Seed will have you in “thrive” mode, and it will help you accomplish this all from the comfort, convenience, and confidential setting of your own home or office. Remember, when you heal the path, you thrive. When you nurture the seed of you, you grow and blossom….

Imagine you, after you have completed this step-by-step expansive process that leads you to an outcome of finally feeling free and whole. That is my promise to you. You were born whole; a perfect seed. It’s time to blossom into your radiance, and know that you are worthy.

Your next step is to say YES to your beautiful blossoming! 

In spite of your inner feelings of self-doubt, which you probably take as hard evidence to support your notion and argue with yourself in mental debates against the contrary, you are in fact a unique and valuable woman of worth and deserving.

You came to this planet as a whole and worthy perfect seed.
And now, it’s time for cultivating self-worth. It’s time to nurture, grow, and finally blossom into the woman contained in that perfect seed….

You may have days (months, years) when you feel “less than” when you compare yourself to others.

In your mind, where all the stories loop continuously, repetitively creating a deeply ingrained groove of self-deprecation (or at very least, of non-supportive thoughts that hold you in a vibrational pattern that squelched the flow of all things good) do you like to play and stay for far too long?

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It’s often the familiar but unsettling territory that feels suspiciously comfortable….

Exhausted Businesswoman

And the song plays on -elevator mood-music to your story of worth and deserving. You stay in that encircling halo of vibrations, not because you are intentionally self-absorbed or self-sabotaging, but rather because you believe that you can “think” your way out of the emotional charge. You spend hours, perhaps weeks, and in dire instances, years thinking of ways to change the feelings. You cannot.

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Your thoughts cannot possibly take you out of the vibration of worthlessness. The more you contemplate thoughts of “worthlessness,” the deeper the rut/groove/neural pathway becomes. Thoughts are the exacerbater! Thoughts provide the same results as trying to repair a scratched wooden cabinet with a sharp object; it only makes things worse.

After several years, the thought loop plays almost invisibly in the background as a personal theme, music to your every moment, day and night. Your vibe is not merely a sad-lyrical verse that reminds you of every and anything you regret; it’s much richer than that. It’s layered over time, with an entire orchestra of emotions, all of which tell the story that you are not worthy, that you are not deserving. The enhanced frequency is sadder than the saddest country western twang….

And it’s personal.

In fact, if you stop to think ABOUT the playground of worth, instead of being immersed in the story of damaged goods, you might notice that you really don’t know who you are without that background: There is no clear delineation now. You’ve been here so long that the doorway is obscured, the windows clouded over, and the light has grown dim. And you cannot seem to find your way out….

  • You try to see yourself beyond the frequency, but too much is tarnished.
  • You try to recall a time when you were not feeling un-worthy….
  • How young were you before you lost your self-worth?
  • Where did “it” go? (Another way of asking “where did I go?“)

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Self-worth is a common theme in women. Or rather, to be more accurate, feelings of “worthlessness” are an alligator wrestling match in which far too many women engage.

Here’s what you get for your $297 $97 investment:

Four modules, which each build on one another.

Module 1: Creating the Foundation for Self-Love

Self-Love is EVERYTHING! This module sets the foundation in place by providing you empowering trade secret tools to help you identify the inner blocks and plant the seeds of who you are blossoming into! Video, audio, PDF handouts will arrive in your inbox through the magic of technology. Module 1 includes an introductory video with me on your monitor, and an audio version if you would rather have me in your ear. It also includes a downloadable, printable PDF file where you can do all the exercises on your own time frame, and can be used to journal your thought and experience.

Module 2:  Nurturing the Seeds of Self-Love

This module takes you deep into the spirit of you, and shows you how to cultivate the beautiful you that is inside. Video, audio recordings, and a PDF which includes an in-depth questionnaire to provide life-enhancing information from your inner wisdom to your conscious mind. Bonus audio to add an additional layer to the process.

Module 3:  Mirror Mirror Playbook

Module 3 is a deepest dive module that really gets to the core of YOU. This is the place where your story shifts from before to after! This is the place you will long remember as being where your enormous transformation took root. Includes video, audio, and the all-important Playbook with questions to inspire you into actions of self-love.

Module 4:  Blossoming into YOU

Module 4, the final module in the series asks you to accept your blossoming, and then, it asks that you not hold on. Closure is an important component of the Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed course.

It is suggested you apply your focus to the program daily, if only for 15-30 minutes. The time invested is less important than the habit of daily focus, so carve out a consistent time when you will be uninterrupted, and stick to the program. It will give back what you put into it.

The Ripple Effect…

Since 1984, I have been teaching self-esteem enhancing techniques to women. That’s a lot of happy healthy ripples eventually broadcasting to the universe! And it also makes for a lot of blessed offspring, and enhanced relationships too. The common thread of self-doubt, low self-esteem, of feeling not being good enough, are woven through the lives of women in every socio-economic station in life. No one is immune.

Self-esteem and self-worth issues affect every aspect of life, from relationships to wealth potential to health to happiness. In fact, I see no segment of life where having a secure sense of self-worth and deserving doesn’t pay off.


Think about it this way:

  • If feelings of worthlessness are swirling around you as a negative energetic field, do you suppose you are attracting healthy balanced partners?
  • Do you suppose that if feelings of worth are not positive and based on self-love, that anything positive would be allowed in?
  • When that choke-hold of poor self-esteem, of not feeling “good enough,” and of not feeling worthy and deserving is in place, do you suppose any abundance of joy or wealth or health or creativity or love or self-attainment can come into your life in any area?

[bctt tweet=”Opportunities and possibilities are stopped from coming into your energy field when they are repelled by projected energies of worthlessness.” via=”no”]

It would be cruel to just lay out all the painful ways in which a lack of self-worth, in which not feeling worthy and deserving hold us small and in some cases even fetal, and not provide the solution as an answer. And I do have the answer….

Steps of success

I am here to take you step-by-step into the center of that perfect seed, and to give you the valuable tools to plant, nurture, and grow that perfect seed into a gloriously well-balanced, vibrantly colored, blossoming you.

And we’re going to do this in the speed of time-lapse photography! Within a germination process of just 30 days, you will go from a dormant seed to a deep-rooted sense of your worth as you begin to blossom like never before.

And here’s the good news: All you have to do to start the cultivation process is to commit to spending 4 weeks nurturing your “self.” In fact, beginning today, I want you to redefine “selfish” to mean “self-care and nurturing.” Deal?

Because you are worthy.

You do deserve to feel whole and balanced and worthwhile.

If you agree that the time to plant and grow is now, that the time for living small and constricted is over, simply click the secure button below and start the conscious cultivation of you by signing up for this limited version and get in on this low $297 $97 pricing.

You deserve to take over the care and nurturing of your ‘self‘ and I can help you by giving you the nutrients to use in your growth….

Remember, this offer is available only for the first 25 women to enroll, and it will not be repeated at this price! Register today!

Can you think of a better way to spend the next 30 days?

Who will you be in 30 days if you say YES?
Who will you be if you don’t do anything new?

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