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Cyber Savings Instant Gratification Re-Post

You may have noticed that this website is in the throes of being re-built. It reminds me a lot, of playing with Dominoes: When one thing gets an upgrade on the site, a lot of things go haywire…. Add to that natural phenomenon, Mercury being in retrograde motion, and the result is like pulling the thread of technology and watching it all unravel.

Along the way, this Cyber Savings failed to launch, so here’s the story and the secure PayPal link again as a way for you to get your hands on the proprietary trade secrets that have empowered thousands…

You’ll get not only the profoundly empowering 416 page book, Escaping the Chrysalis, but you’ll also get the full-color Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook which contains the same experiential techniques as are used in one-on-one and group coaching!

Here’s the thing:

You can buy these on Amazon for around $124 and wait for delivery of the physical products. OR, you can click the secure PayPal button below and have instant gratification as soon as your payment for only $27 is processed. Regularly $47 on this website, if you act quickly, you can get this Cyber Savings and start to master the empowering techniques immediately!

But all good things, this too will end. And it will not be gone in less than 24 hours, but it will cost more….

This year, why not give gifts that don’t get thrown away.
This year, give the gift of self-love.
And be sure to include YOU in that self-love equation! You, as much as anyone, deserve your love.

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