A Day In May

Jan Deelstra, Author

Have you ever wanted to pick my brain? Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask about confidence, self-esteem, or about ANYTHING to do with YOUR self-growth and transformation? If so, a Day In May could transform your life, because on May 17, eight women are invited to spend the day with me in San Diego. Are you one of the eight?

May 17th is a new moon, a time for planting the seeds for growth in every area including business and personal affairs. We will be in a comfortable place, where we will address whatever you wish to discuss.

What is one thing, that if it were to be addressed, would change your life? Imagine the possibilities when this one challenge or obstacle is removed. What do you imagine? What if you could heal your inner ‘little one’ or perhaps let go of self-doubt…. Whatever you can imagine, can be brought to fruition.

Why eight? Because this intimate setting of eight women has the potential to be life changing for each woman without diluting the effect. In fact, the synergy of eight is at the core of the collective transformational energetic frequency.

Come spend the day. Invest in your Self. Intend and expect a  major shift. $997

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