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You deserve to live the life that you desire, and MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting gives you the 5-Step “E” Formula for creating that life.

Money isn’t the “end all” to all of life’s problems. But you can do a lot more with money than you’ll ever do without it. Your abundance helps others. As you step into your new money story, you’ll also be raising the wealth thermostat of those around you. Mastering money manifesting is a win-win for everyone! 

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If you are downloading this eBook, Conquer Money Blocks and Enjoy Financial Freedom, you are probably already aware that money blocks take many forms, and come from a variety of sources. Your beliefs, attitudes, family culture, behaviors, and your so-called “knowledge base” can be money blocks. In fact, even a dead-end job can be a money block that reinforces low self-worth if you stay there too long. It helps to think of a money block as anything that inhibits your ability to build and maintain financial wealth. And often, the sources and the blocks remain elusive until a decision is made to change your life.

It’s been said that “when you are ready, the teacher will come.”

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