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Mindfulness is another term for ‘slowing down’…
…consciously focusing on the present moment.

And MINDFULNESS is one of the most simple, yet highly effective changes you can make to enhance your life.

Too many of us are running amok….

We are bombarded with notification pings coming from our phones, iPads, laptops, and more….

We’re interrupted several times during the day!

We go down proverbial rabbit holes where time evaporates…

And rarely are we blessed with “me time” for rejuvenating…. 

Can I be REALLY frank?

The FREE USING MINDFULNESS to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE worksheet is a tool designed to start you to think about being more mindful.

It’s the perfect place to start.

And because you’re on this page, you are being invited to enroll in a 90-day course at the Winged-Women™ Academy…

…a course that offers more ways to enhance your life,
and gets you to the life you desire and deserve.

Today, tuition to enroll in MINDFUL LIFE CREATION

is only $11

(Yes, you read that right. I didn’t leave off a zero….)


(I priced it so anyone could get in on the life changing tools!)

Here’s how MINDFUL LIFE CREATION is presented:

  • Once you enroll, you have the option of downloading the eBook, which contains all the slides and much of the course content.
  • The next segment starts out with a video, where you answer the questions presented.
  • From there, the course is set up in three sections, each of which you will work thru in order.
  • There is a worksheet near the final lessons, and that worksheet is where you will implement only 1-3 new mindfulness practices into your daily routine, There are many options to choose from, and you will decide how and which to choose.

Although the course content is stated to be a 90-day process, that’s because it’s suggested that you make gradual additions and not go into overwhelm by trying to do too much too soon. When you make these mindfully chosen changes that enhance the areas your life that you decide to change, you WILL see results. And the steps to achieving those results are painless. In fact, you may notice that life begins to flow a little smoother, and your moods tend to be a bit more level, and things that once caused a rise in your blood pressure, are now just small rolling events….

Start today, and join others who are enjoying the benefits of MINDFUL LIFE CREATION.

Because now that you know you CAN live the life you desire (and deserve)

…living by default is simply unacceptable.


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