Do we really need “feminism”?

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I originally published this article just over 3 years ago, and it seems even more relevant today than it was then….

Women’s Empowerment Brings Progressive Global Change

Since 1984, when I got my first client, I’ve heard various versions of the same questions and comments:

  • Do we really need feminism?
  • Isn’t feminism dead?
  • Will I lose my femininity if I embrace feminism?
  • I like being a female, so why would I want things to change?
  • I like having guys buy dinner, so why would I give that up?
  • Changing the constitution scares me.

In response to those questions and comments I still shudder. Women have only had the right to vote since 1920. That’s not even 100 years! Without a feminist perspective and an amendment to the Constitution, women would still not have that right. And in spite of the 19th Amendment’s guarantee “the vote won’t be denied…on account of sex,” there are still many imbalances.

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But here’s a much larger reason to embrace feminine perspectives of cooperation, collaboration, and receptivity. Those traditionally female traits may be the salvation of the nations. We know that competition is an outdated means of governing. We also realize by now that communication is not exercised through bombs and violence. Most of us acknowledge that world peace will never come while war is being planned; it’s simply not possible.

This website is designed for empowering individual and groups of women utilizing once trade secret techniques that focus on the whole/gestalt of each participant. When we fully embrace our wholeness, we are empowered to decide what to own and what to release to allow us to move forward. With that gestalt model in mind, please understand that this is not a site where I believe I can transform all the global woes. And with that said, I also please understand that I do believe that each one of us, male and female, feminists and fair-men-ists, have responsibilities that accompany the gift of being human. Change does begin within each and every one of us. Subjectively, our whole self (emotions, beliefs, values, actions, education, responsibility to better our community and self), is at the very core of what it means to be human.

Proactive change comes always at a grass-roots level and when the universal energetic zeitgeist is right for change. It’s impossible to miss the human awakening which is taking place. Enlightenment is no longer some weird new-age mumbo. The wave of progressive change is gaining momentum, and the humanistic perspective, –a perspective that takes into consideration the whole/gestalt of each person is replacing dissected, disowned fragmented theories.

To download a report about how women’s empowerment brings progressive global change, click the link below:


Feel free to share this report with your friends and colleagues and post it to your social networks. My opinion is that the more humans who awaken to our subjective individual power, the more progressive action is taken to enact global change.


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