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Do you ever wonder how to know IF your subconscious and conscious minds are aligned?

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Or equally revealing, would you like to know how to tell if they are opposed? With all that we know about the commonly touted Law of Attraction as it pertains to manifesting, it may not be clear how to recognize whether or not the two minds are on the same side of supporting your intentions. What are the signs of alignment?

If you have attempted and failed at manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction, it’s a sure sign of something beneath the consciousness level blocking your allowing. That’s the simple test.


A decade ago the talk was about “mind-body-spirit” connection. Prior to that trend, the language was all about “holistic” this and that. Most particularly, since The Secret was released it’s been all about the “Law of Attraction.” None of these concepts are wrong. In fact, in a sense they are all saying the same thing. What is wrong is the human propensity to create trends, as this inclination dilutes the efficiency of the actual natural processes which are really speaking to the optimal condition of balance and alignment.


Let me give you an example of just how basic the concepts are:

The mind and body are absolutely connected, and we need look no further than a tear to find the proof. A feeling, whether physical, emotional, or simultaneously both, causes the physical body to release tears. This clearly illustrates the mental-emotional-physical connection. And in fact, it is impossible to separate one from the other.

As another example, if I close my eyes and go into a meditative state my body responds with lowered pulse and heart rate. If I enter into a self-hypnosis state where I see and feel myself driving the automobile of my dreams, my body responds physically to the thoughts: With enough imagination, it’s possible to actually feel my hands gripping the leather steering wheel, to smell the new-car scent, to feel the supple leather of my seat. And as I generally have the top down in my vision, I can feel the wind on my face and sense it blowing through my hair. Clearly the physical sensations are connected to the mental thoughts and images, and both are also connected to the emotions that my spirit experiences as I enjoy that inner ride down the Highway 101.

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As a final example, when I hypnotize someone, it is quite easy to get her to the place on the beach where she walks down a set of stairs that lead to a deeper understanding of what makes her “tick.” During hypnosis, she will experience the walk on the beach at a physiological level simply by relaxing into the inner vision of that tranquil moment. If she were to be afraid of flying, and I took her to a place of boarding a plane and taking off, her vital signs would exhibit that fear. Her conscious or subconsciously held thoughts and beliefs that flying is dangerous cause a physiological response: Her blood pressure rises and her pulse quickens. She may even shed a physical tear.

There is no mind-body separation.

Holistic means whole. As a Gestalt Practitioner, I focus on the “whole sum” of every woman I am privileged to work with in my practice. This translates to, mind-body-spirit connection as the whole organic human. This is true alignment. And when there is alignment of the mind, the body, and the spirit, there is surely alignment between the conscious and subconscious mind. There can be no other way.

All one need do to determine the alignment between the conscious and subconscious, is to become acutely aware of the self. It starts and ends with self-awareness.


The first in a series of questions I ask is how does it feel? Noticing the place in the (physical) body where any tension is held, and noticing the (mental) plaguing thoughts, and noticing the (spirit) emotional feelings provides a good place to start. It’s not a long process, once she gets the hang of self-awareness. It simply takes practice.

When the feelings are acknowledged, we look at the ways in which those feelings collectively serve her. Here’s a little secret you may have heard from me in the past: If you didn’t get something for holding onto the feelings, regardless of how uncomfortable they are, you wouldn’t hold on. There would be no stuck and stagnant energetic blocks. That means that identifying the reward your get for holding onto the feeling is the next step in the transformational process.

In the next post, I will reveal what to do once that reward is uncovered…. Until then,
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