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Does Shopping Make You HIGH?

There’s a bit of an adrenaline rush, I admit, when I find the “perfect gift” for that lucky loved-one. On the opposite end of that, but still chemically induced, is the apprehension that creeps in as I begin to doubt if the recipient will actually love the gift. And of course, there’s the possibility of the low, when the dust settles and the credit card bills come due…. But the absolute worst anxiety for me is waiting for the goodies to arrive on time, in good condition, and before the porch thieves can get at the packages. And lest you think I’m being paranoid (adding yet another layer of chemistry to the mix) I’ll share that last week, pictures caught on security cameras of a woman stealing packages were posted on the mail boxes. The photography is extremely clear, so I trust that by now, she’s probably spending her holidays behind bars.

Even without the worries, shopping is unquestionably a chemical experience that floods our system with hormones and endorphins from adrenaline, to dopamine, to serotonin. Plenty of people are addicted to that physical chemical high, and ride that chemical roller coaster long and hard at this time of year. In fact, the neurotransmitter dopamine surges when you are looking for that perfect gift. The anticipation of achieving the goal makes sport of finding that gift, creating a chemical buzz that is further spiked when we discover a money saving coupon or “good deal” in the process.  Even as you are comparing prices, the part of your brain that’s activated during suffering, and an area implicated in processing pain, lights up. That’s before you’ve even spent a cent!

The frenzy of actually going out among the crowds isn’t necessary to achieve the high. In the current technology age, we can reach that high without leaving our cozy pajamas. It’s estimated that in 2018, at least 52% of all shoppers will do at least part of their shopping online this year. And in the spirit of full-disclosure, I am one of those who prefer to shop from my laptop where I can fill shopping carts, visit various online retailers, and compare at my leisure. And just because it’s “at my leisure” doesn’t imply I am without the frenzied high! Although I’m missing out on elbowing my way thru crowds and mindfully manifesting sufficient parking spaces, I fully admit to loving the rush that comes of searching out and discovering that special something that will reach the hearts and incite sincere appreciation from those I’m seeking to tickle. Yes, I too am an addict when it comes to gift giving. And I’ve learned a lot about the truth of “retail therapy” so that it never gets the upper hand. Realizing that what goes up, must come down, (including those highs), these days, instead of getting onto that roller coaster, I ride the smaller waves of home shopping.

Is shopping really an “addiction”?

Research shows that shopping can be more than a compulsion, and like any gateway habitual behavior, may devolve into an addiction that requires more frequency and bigger ticket spending. A former client of mine spent hundreds of dollars at a time while in a manic state, and her father would come to clean up the damage, paying retailers when checks were returned stamped “insufficient funds”.  Her shopping highs were of the manic sort, and her lows were severe enough to eventually get her hospitalized.  Shopping does carry the potential to be an addiction.

The Psychology of Money

There is a psychology of money, and that psychology is a thread thru MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting, the 7-week empowering course offered at the Winged-Women™ Academy.  Maybe you’ve already heard about the course, and maybe you’ve even enrolled in either the full 7-week course or have tried on the free-week. If so, good for you, because this can be a time of year when money issues raise their ugly heads. And MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is the cure for money issues.

I can’t take all of the holiday stress from you; you’ll still have to tolerate those relatives that rub your fur the wrong way. But I can give you the 5-step formula for learning to change your belief system, and ultimately allow you to master money manifesting by looking into your money psychology.

And by the way, don’t fear your money psychology. We all have one. And when you excavate to find the core of your money psychology, you can then re-write the money stories into something fabulous.

So while you’re seeking that high from the retail frenzy, invest in you. Give yourself the gift of mastering money manifesting. It just may turn out to be the greatest gift ever. Start 2019 ahead of your money challenges. You deserve to be empowered. MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting would make a great gift too. Check it out while the sales price is in effect!

Even if you’re not yet ready to light up your shopping brain with a new purchase, do check out the curriculum and get an idea of what the course is all about. MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is getting rave reviews and great unsurpassed results. That’s because it goes far beyond “mindset” and much deeper than the “law of attraction” to transform your money story. Check out the Winged-Women™ Academy for all the amazing offers available for you and for those you love.

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