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Does Your Man Energy Out-Weigh Your Woman Energy? Addressing the Goddess Concept

Spa Day

As a trained gestalt practitioner, I am conditioned to be ever-conscious of the balance of the “whole” male and female energies as they flow through life. This is transferred onto each client as she develops an awareness of the feminine power principles, and of the goddess within. That inner goddess is the sage voice of ages, and is the part of each of us where we receive guidance, and from which our feminine powers reside.

I like to call it womb power, but you can name it Alice or Ethel etc. It's YOUR power center. Click To Tweet

What this womb power, goddess, feminine energy appreciation does NOT mean is that we dis-own our “masculine” powers such as that which allows us to leave the emotional or even physical nest and step out into the world. It does not mean that we deny the ego, the strength, the ability to leverage our physical strength as well as our mental strengths. It most definitely does not mean that we use our emotions to create chaos, or that as women, we manipulate others into doing for ourself what we can do for our self.

Mother Trucker w/ Hard Hat

When I became a single mom, with 3 children under the age of four, I had to step up and own every ounce of my feminine power in order to convince the Teamster’s Union to train me to do a “man’s job.” That non-traditional work was the only way I could afford to pay for childcare while I worked. No “traditional female” jobs offered me the wage I needed to survive with three kids. And believe me, as a shy “girlie-girl” it really was a stretch to sell myself in that male arena. Yet eventually, there I was, driving some of the world’s biggest trucks and working at a job that paid incredibly well. Those stories are for anther time. I offer this tidbit here only as a depiction of learning to leverage inner strength to create what we desire. Because had I not been strong on the inside, I would never have convinced the Teamster’s Training Coordinator to train me to drive the rigs.

Honestly, I was afraid that I would lose my “femininity” when I became a truck driver, working long, hard hours in dirty conditions. Of course, I remained a woman, even as I learned much about the behavior of men….again a subject for another time! 😉

If you are now asking yourself, “Does your man energy out-weigh your woman energy?” and the answer is yes, without judgment, that is a call to balance male/female energies.


It’s a bit abstract, I think, to be a woman and consider having “man energy,” but in the years of facilitating groups, it’s impossible to miss the tendencies of the pendulum to swing far from the beginning before it finds its true centered balance. One participant may start as meek and mild and when she finds her inner voice the roar comes out briefly as a very forceful male energy. Another may have felt the deeply stifled anger at being unheard, un-seen, even victimized, and when she ultimately discovers her voice and her feminine power, she may briefly step into the opposite role as abuser before finding her balanced center.

Becoming the opposite is not the intended goal. Becoming centered, is. Click To Tweet

That inner goddess represents receptivity, and nurturing. It is the voice of wisdom from the core of the heart chamber that we all possess, whether female or male. It is the inner guru that speaks when we sit still within that sacred chamber and allow answers to surface. She is available all day every day when we seek her out. And as manifesting intentions go, she is the womb of all creation.


As women, we can take on too much, and may neglect our self-care at a premium cost. Just like laboring to deliver a baby, we eventually will expel the load. But until we do, we are carrying within us, the stress, traumas, and situations that challenge us. All of this translates into heavy energies which weigh us down, often times being manifest as actual physical weight. Just as often, this load is a low-dense frequency which hangs like heavy-laden clouds of doom and gloom. And it’s deadly.

Because woman energy is receptive by nature, we are more prone to being filled with the energies of others. As such, we must be aware of what we are receiving in order that we may “empty” our self as a vessel. We carry the weight of the world, if we do not mindfully release all that piles up, layer after layer…. That load sprouts cancers, heart-damage, and floods the system with toxins. Clearing regularly is vital to well-being.

Take a Break

Emptying the self of all that does not serve our higher purpose is a practice I embrace in many formats. Sometimes I turn on the satellite station and allow the atmosphere-clearing sounds of new-age to bring my vibration to a tranquil place. Just as often, I rock out to Led Zeppelin. Other times, when the house is quiet, I soak in a stew of lavender and vanilla or special essential oil blends. Today, it was a meditative walk in nature intended to recalibrate my waning energy reserves. Everyday, one of my womb power rituals is writing in my journal.

So today, I was thinking we could share some of our rituals for release. Click To Tweet
  • Do you have a special “something” that you go to when you need a re-charge? As example, perhaps you listen to a favorite CD, take a scented bath, etc.
  • Do you have an altar where you place objects with intention? If so, what objects are displayed?
  • Do you use some specific incantations to create energetic shifts?
  • Do you journal your thoughts and emotions and dreams?
  • Do you have a designated meditation space where you can contemplate, uninterrupted?
  • Do you have a candle or smudging ritual to help you clear your environment or help you connect with your inner wisdom?
  • Do you employ a special technique for owning your value when self-worth issues raise their head?
  • Do you have a kindred friend you call to chase out the energetic dust bunnies and clear the way for fresh ideas and opportunities to flow?
  • What mechanics for alchemy does your “womb power” possess?
  • Do you have some altar suggestions? (Ideas for purposeful altars.)

When you are feeling off do you ignore the calling for self-care until it becomes a critical state of being -a flu or cold knocks you down, or do you quickly tune into your inner goddess and give her the missing nurturing she is calling to your attention?

Even better, do you start and end each day with a self-care ritual to keep you balanced as much as possible in a world of seeming imperfections?


Please do share the ways in which you step into your goddess self. This is a safe and sacred space I hold for you. I invite you to share so that I, and all who come here might learn from you in the feminine perspective of collaboration.  🙂
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