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Today, I am proud to introduce you to a kindred sister in the frequency of promoting women’s empowerment through the vibration of love. Dr. Debra Reble is a true soul sister in helping empower the planet with her profound grace and heart-infused works. I think you’ll enjoy this guest blog:

Loving, Trusting, and Letting Go

by Dr. Debra Reble


Trusting yourself and letting go are two of the most important spiritual principles you can practice on the path to self-love. Trusting yourselves helps you release whatever emotional blocks keep you disconnected from your true being—such as fear, insecurity, and shame. Letting go allows you to peel away the hard shell of your ego so you can experience the divine essence that lies beneath. These principles are synergistic: the more you let go, the more you learn to trust yourself; and the more you trust yourself, the more you can let go.

Too often we brace ourselves for change instead of letting go and embracing change as an opportunity to love ourselves and spiritually grow. We fear that by letting go we will fall down the rabbit hole, lose everything, most of all ourselves. If we have defined ourselves by our job, roles, or relationships, we may feel untethered, unhinged, and question who we are and what we really want. We can kick and scream our way through these intense periods of self-discovery and healing. Better yet, we can love, trust, and let go, allowing these “Oh My God” moments to shift to “What’s next?” moments.

Trusting yourself requires more than taking deep breaths and saying positive mantras; it takes a conscious connection to our divine source. It’s like having an invisible safety net while walking on a high wire. Even though you may feel like you are operating without backup, your connection to a divine source is in fact your safety net. When you trust this connection, you realize that you are not alone because your divine source is always with you.

Don’t think that by staying on the sidelines, strapped inside your fluorescent orange life jacket, you are safe, and won’t have to jump into the water. No, the universe doesn’t let you off the hook that easy. What you actually must do is take that leap of trust into the unknown and live the life you have always imagined.

Trusting yourself begins with one small step in the direction of your dreams. It grows by taking a leap of faith whether it’s starting a new job or relationship, taking a challenging class, or traveling somewhere you’ve never been before. Above all, making conscious choices that help you feel safe, value your time and energies, and are self-honoring deepen your sense of trust and self-love.


Here are a few ways to Love, Trust, and Let Go:

  • Spend time alone in quiet reflection, whether meditating at your desk, sitting in a garden, looking out a window, or writing in a journal. Begin with five minutes at the beginning and end of each day, then gradually increase the time to allow your vulnerabilities to surface.
  • If you’ve been putting off creating a vision board or “Leap List”, there’s no time like the present. Take some time and reflect on the areas that you need to let go into love and trust. Where do you want to take those leaps of trust in your relationships, career, health, or finances? What small steps can you make toward each new intention? Take one step.
  • Throughout the day, acknowledge yourself as a strong, loving, and confident person, connected to your divine source. Use the following mantras: I trust that everything always works out for my highest good. I am strong enough to handle any challenge that comes my way. I choose to embrace my vulnerabilities with all my heart.
  • Use “Bless and Release” as a daily mantra in your life. When any person or situation triggers negative emotions, bless them or the event for bringing this unhealed part of yourself into your conscious awareness. Release whatever has been unearthed for you so it doesn’t become a stuck place or energy block.
  • Notice when you feel unsettled, restless, or irritable. These are emotional cues for you that something is just below the surface of your conscious awareness and needs to be released. Sit, lie, or walk with any vulnerability or pain until it releases.
  • While sitting or walking, use your breath to assist you in letting go. Breathe in and look within with love of yourself, breathe out and look out to the world with love of others. Do this until our breath is rhythmic, and you feel calm and centered.

At this time of unprecedented global and personal transformation, you must love yourself and let go of more in your life than ever before. Trust that in letting go of one reality, you are opening the space to many new realities. This is the exquisite space of co-creation and positive no matter what it looks like at the time.


Dr. Debra Reble is the author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World now available. For a limited time, you’ll receive over 50 transformational gifts when you purchase a copy of Being Love.


Consciously merging her practical tools as a psychologist with her intuitive and spiritual gifts, Dr. Debra L. Reble empowers women to connect with their hearts and live authentically through her transformational Soul-Hearted LivingTM program. Debra is the author of Soul-Hearted Partnership: The Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy, which garnered four book awards including the Eric Hoffer award. A frequent guest contributor to Aspire Magazine and other high-profile blogs, her words of wisdom are embraced by readers around the world. Her popular inspirational podcast, Soul-Hearted Living, airs on iTunes and other platforms and is dedicated to reconnecting women with their hearts.

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