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The following is an actual dream interpretation example to illustrate how easily you too can interpret your dreams for the wisdom and information they contain. This is an actual dream interpretation query. It has been modified only to correct spelling or grammatical errors, or edited to clarify content, or as per space and time constraints.

Dreamer: One of my dreams last night was about a white tiger cub that came in a fast food bag along with the meal. This was not a toy, it was an actual white tiger cub. This bothered me. In the dream, I discussed it with others about how it was completely inappropriate since there were people who would just throw the cubs away in the bag, especially into dumpsters. I found it to be heartbreaking and wanted to put a stop to it. I, of course, kept my white tiger cub. It was a boy and he was very playful.

Facilitator: I love this dream! I think you will love it too when you work out the meaning of the dream. Start by pretending to BE the tiger cub and describe yourself, using descriptive words such as, “Now I am a white tiger cub and I am….” Fill in the blank. Really get into it. Feel like the cub. See yourself as the cub. Really experience yourself as the white tiger cub. Allow yourself to be the white tiger cub in your furry splendor. LISTEN to the words you use to describe yourself as the tiger cub. Make a list of the descriptive words, or even better, if you can, have a friend write down the list as you describe yourself as the white tiger cub. For example, you mentioned that the cub is “a boy” so you may want to start there. Begin by saying, “Now I am a white tiger cub and I am male.” On your list, write the word, “male” and don’t worry that you are or are not a male in your human dreamer form. Just write down the words.

What else can you say about the cub AS YOU? “Now I am a white tiger cub and I am….” Again, fill in the blank and listen intently to your descriptive words. Add any descriptive words to the list. Continue to ‘BE’ the cub in your dream, and when you can come up with no more words to describe yourself as the white tiger cub, move on to the next part of the dream.

Start again with the next element of your dream, this time by pretending to BE the fast food bag, and again, clearly and mindfully describe yourself as if you are the bag in your dream. Begin by saying, “Now I am a fast food bag and I am….” Again write down the descriptive words as you describe YOU as the fast food bag. Trust yourself. Allow yourself to ‘be’ the fast food bag. Lay aside any tendencies to be self-conscious about the process. Just suspend your ego and describe you as the bag until you can come up with no more descriptive words.

Now be the people, collectively, in your dream. Start by saying something like, “Now I am the group of people and I am….” As the group of people in your dream, how are you feeling? What are you thinking (as the group)? As the group of people in your dream, what are you doing? What color are you? How big are you? Continue being the group of people from the dream and be aware of what you are thinking of the dreamer as she tells her story. Write down the descriptive words.

Next, be the environment of your dream, and clearly hear your words. “Now I am the environment and I am….” Using descriptive words, as the environment you are …. (fill in the blank AS THE ENVIRONMENT). Write down the descriptive words.

Finally, BE you (which you are in any of the characters and environment of the dream) and describe what you are feeling. It is the feeling that we are most interested in, so really take a moment to allow you to feel the emotions of being each of the parts of your dream. What is the over-all emotion of the whole dream? What do you, as the dreamer, experience as you work thru the emotions that are attached to the dream?

As you read over the final list of descriptions, which of the adjectives are most closely in line with who you are and what you are experiencing? For instance, if I ask to ‘own’ the behaviors on the list, what do you ‘own’ as being a part of you? Are you feeling a personal connection to any of the words on the list?

As a prompt, I’ll offer this little morsel to help you get started on the interpretation. You say you, “found it to be heartbreaking and wanted to put a stop to it.” This little clue suggests to me that you are feeling abused by someone close to you, someone who you believe should be treating you better. Is there any truth to this?

Are you the one not being true to yourself?

Can you be a little kinder to yourself and not accept any degree of dissing from anyone else (yourself included)? Is it possible to “put a stop” to any perceived abuse?

To end this long answer and allow you to get back to the description process I will add this final thought: You say the cub was “very playful” and I’m betting that this too is a good descriptive word about YOU. So have fun playfully interpreting your dream!


In Gestalt group settings, we interpret dreams based on the core Gestalt premise that we are projecting ourselves onto our environment at every juncture. It is not possible to interact with others, with our world, without viewing the scene thru our filters and biases. We project our internalized beliefs onto all. It is for this reason alone, that gestalt dream analysis is so effective.

No one need ever have a dream they do not fully understand. Learning to be aware and to trust the self as one listens closely to the messages from the self to the self via dreams, is a gestalt dream interpretation technique for everyone’s repertoire.

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