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Welcome to the Dream Realm where you can learn the techniques that will allow you to finally open the secrets of your dreams…. (Read to the bottom for the link to an actual example of a dream interpretation.)

Gestalt dreamwork techniques provide the tools so you will never again have a dream or nightmare that you do not fully understand.

Dream interpretation is an easy to learn process to gleaning valuable informational messages from you to you.

The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams offer deep insight into the unconscious mind, and offer great solutions to the problems humans encounter. Human behavior is a simple matter when one learns to fully trust the self and the experiences of being human.

By keeping a dream journal next to your pillow, and by allowing your dreams to come out onto the pages the next day, you can learn volumes about your deepest drives, ambitions, quirks, and strengths. You unravel the threads that have kept your internal messages from being heard. Free from the bindings, your dreams provide a wealth of information from your subconscious mind.

As you learn to easily interpret your dreams from a gestalt perspective, you will be able to impress your friends with your incredible talent for helping them to interpret their dreams! It’s easy, simple, and full of wonderful surprises and messages that you want yourself to learn. There is no need to pay for expensive psychotherapy. All information is immediate; there is no need for lengthy contemplation or perplexing questions to be answered. You have your answers to every question. No one knows better than you, what is right for you.

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In time, you may find that you work thru your dreams as you are having them! Lucid dreaming is being in control of your dreams, consciously. While you are lucid, you may decide in the midst of a dream, that you are not liking the flow, and you may then change the path of your dream while you are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming also means that you are more aware, thus have more memories of your dream details. This translates into you opening a treasure chest of information, and information is power. By learning to interpret your dreams, you are empowering yourself. Empowerment is the way to success, fulfillment, and to the ultimate state of freedom…and your empowerment is my calling.

Never again have a dream you don’t fully understand. Use gestalt techniques to build your personal development tool chest to give you the greatest possible advantage in reaching your divine and worthwhile calling. Only you will know the power that catapults you to success.

  • Never again have a dream you don’t fully understand.
  • Never again have a nightmare that leaves you scared and trembling.
  • Never again have a dream of which you don’t know the purpose.
  • Learn to alter the outcome of any dream as you are dreaming!
  • Learn to perfect lucid dreaming.
  • Plan your dream ahead of time and problem solve in your sleep.
  • Use dream time for manifesting.

The process is easy and simple. And in spite of what you may have learned in life, here’s a big secret exposed: SUCCESS LIKES SPEED. Your transformation begins the second you begin to listen to the messages from yourself to you. There is no lapse in time. You will soon be interpreting your dreams, and showing others how to interpret their dreams. Personal information is the power that fuels you to enlightenment and success. Any information you can glean from yourself is energy that alters the universal flow in a positive motion. Your positive ripples have an impact on the collective energy flow. You matter because your success fertilizes the greater potential of the universal energy. Your ripples affect everyone. As you expand your knowledge base and your awareness of your calling and purpose expands, the universe and all her inhabitants are also enriched. Learning to interpret your dreams allows you to alter your course and stay on course towards your ultimate destination. Pretty cool, ehh? And you just thought you were dreaming! Tap in and learn to utilize this source of phenomenal intelligence. You truly are awakening to the power of you. Good morning! And sweet dreams!

Dreams offer great wisdom. Each time you dream, your subconscious mind is allowed to send messages from you to you. Aside from a few short moments of introspection, it costs nothing to interpret your dreams, and the process opens the doors to caverns of priceless information and resultant personal empowerment.

If you want to get right to the process of learning to interpret your dreams you can contact us for a complimentary consult to discuss any dream or nightmare you have…or…
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Click the tiny bird for an actual example of dream interpretation:

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