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Why it’s TIME YOU Embrace YOUR Feminine Powers (#Free Guide)

There’s something in the air: It’s a pervasive fever that’s stirring the guts and hearts of women across the globe, waking them with a cosmic nudge to own their feminine powers like at no other time in history. The pendulum is making a wide sweep from the masculine paradigm and is re-entering the feminine arena where kindness, compassion, creativity, cooperation, and collaboration rule.

One watch of the nightly news may make you stand up against my claim that we are moving into kinder times. But with every action there is an equal opposite action; that’s basic physics. (Newton’s third law states that for every action ((force)) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.) The current climate of divisiveness and HATE culture is awakening the “equal and opposite reaction” to that hate culture. We have hit the breaking point where we either return to our caring and nurturing feminine roots, or we perish.

That may sound harsh. Often the truth is harsh. And my nature is to not sugarcoat the truth.

And of course, there is also the chance that you may not share my perspective that there is a hate culture.  Maybe you just don’t see it, –this culture of hate and divisiveness that has the unfortunate ability to trickle down and seep into our lives . Maybe you prefer to not see it, because once we see it, it cannot be unseen.  But living in a world that doesn’t align with your core values is potentially deadly.  Not only does the stuffing of emotions eventually cause illness or angry outbursts, living as a second class citizen has far too many negative implications to go into on this blog.  Your inner voice knows the truth that these are not times of kindness and acceptance. And that simple statement is the empowering place to start to embrace your feminine powers.

I’ll tell you why it’s time you embrace YOUR feminine powers more than ever. The truth is, if you don’t step up, you are at risk of developing any disease from hypertension to cancer. That’s because you are one whole/gestalt self, mind-body-spirit. And when you are suffering in any area, emotionally, mentally, or physically, you are at increased risk of health and wellness challenges.

Beyond the chance of illness, is the fact that the optimal human condition is that of balance. When your mind-body-spirit are aligned and in-tune with your personal values and sensibilities, and you are giving yourself all that you need to be in balance, you more energy and have more to offer. It’s not possible to give from an empty cart, and if you are not taking care your personal needs, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically, you are not going to weather the storms that are trickling down.

So why do I bring up this subject of of the pendulum swinging from the masculine paradigm to the feminine power principles, and why do I say it’s time to embrace your feminine powers?

Some women will forever participate in creating their own oppressors.
Some women will forever play the victim role in their life stories. 
Some women will forever distrust other women.
Some women will forever give their power away to men. 
Some women will say No to suppression.
Some will take a stand, however quietly, softly…. 

If you’re reading this post, my guess is you’re not willing to give your life away to anyone else, nor are you willing to be a victim. And if you’re reading this, I’m also guessing you are an awakened woman who doesn’t see other women as competition, but rather you see the power in camaraderie, My guess is that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to live your best possible life.

With creation of the life you desire and deserve in mind, I want to invite you to download this free guide: It’s Time to Step Out of Your Cage and Stop Being a Slave to Your Old Beliefs

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