Emotional Transformative Release Technique


I’ve been busy creating something truly liberating for you….

Well, actually, the technique is not new. It’s something I have been using in my private practice for decades. What is new, is that, like little elves busily working away in the workshop, I’m building a new shiny toy for you….

Okay, okay! No teasing you! I’ll get right to the dessert of what I’m up to:

Emotional Transformative Release Technique
Guided Transformation Meditation CD/MP3

So what does this mean? 

What is this Emotional Transformative Release Technique?
What is a Guided Transformation Meditation CD/MP3?


By now, pretty much everyone on the planet knows that energetic blocks in our psyche and ethereal light body can stop us from emerging into our full purposeful potential.

These inner blocks, when left as stuck energy, can lead to a general feeling of malaise and to the extreme end of the spectrum which is disease and even death.

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Since 1984, I have witnessed women finally consciously releasing the blocks that have stopped them, sometimes for decades. As those energies are freed up, they are made available for productive purpose. Witnessing this liberating shift is the gift in my work.

Seeing a woman release past pains, break free of stagnant energetic memories that held her shackled to the past, guiding her to re-define limiting beliefs, assisting her in releasing what doesn’t serve to empower her to live her life liberated from the energetic hold is the fuel that keeps me doing what I do year after year.

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Emotional Transformative Release Technique is a beautiful transformative cycle.

Escaping life the flapper Frank A. Leyendecker Wall Paper

As the name implies, the Emotional Transformative Release Technique is designed to dis-integrate the source of energy blockage by addressing specific areas of focus.

Your well-being is a composite, a fusion of the following:

Balance/Alignment ~Thoughts/Physical Body/Emotions

  • Forgiveness (especially self-forgiveness)
  • Secure Measure of Self-Worth
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Reclaimed Wholeness
  • Elevated Deserving Nature
  • Enhance Communication Skills
  • Authentic Self-Love
  • Secure Spirit-Directed Self-Esteem
  • Raised Internal Abundance Threshold 

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Once the dis-integration of blocks has occurred, the Guided Transformation Meditation CD/MP3 audios will infuse esteem-building properties into the vacuum to support the new frequency of expansion. And when that bell is rung, it cannot be un-rung. [bctt tweet=”The transformative effect is permanent and profound. “]bell

So ask yourself, are you where you want to be in life? If not, disintegrating energetic blocks may be all that is stopping you from reaching your desires.

Oh I know that you have heard all about the Law of Attraction, yada yada ya…. And you have undoubtedly given meditation a spin…. You’ve probably visualized until your third eye is cross-eyed…. You’ve mod-podged glossy magazine images onto vision boards….

How’s that workin’ for ya?

Make no mistake about it: I am NOT judging you! I too had a repertoire of failed attempts at mastering my ability to manifest the life of my desires…until finally, I didn’t….

Believe me when I say, I know your pain! I HAVE walked a mile in your shoes only to discover my feet were killing me! Those struggles are deadly….

Oh sure, maybe, you’ve had some successes…. Just enough to keep you from giving up and acquiescing to the habit of the limiting status quo…. After a couple of miraculous enlightened “aha” moments, you feel as if you’re on to something….but quicker than you manifested the result, you find yourself back to business as usual, with those struggle shoes back on and pinching your feet.

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I’m not talking about Cinderella! I’m not talking glass, or even ruby slippers here….

I’m talking about you stepping into your shoes, into the shoes that take you comfortably step-by-step onto your purposeful path.

These shoes don’t pinch. These shoes fit you, and will support you on your unique life journey….

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  • Who are you when your struggles are transformed into strengths?
  • What has to change in order for you to be this successful version of You?


So what do you do next?

You simply pay this LIMITED* SPECIAL PRICE of $197 and you’ll be taken to the schedule page to schedule YOUR Emotional Transformative Release Technique session! It’s as easy as that!

*Due to Time & Space Constraints, this offer is strictly limited to the next 2517  to sign up!

Still undecided? Here’s what you’ll be receiving:


  • FULL-COLOR copy of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook (This is NOT DIGITAL –This is a physical workbook which you will receive from Amazon via the USPS – $97 Value)
  • Up to 90 minute Emotional Release Technique training via SKYPE ($497 Value)
  • Downloadable Audio Recording for guiding you through the positive release of that which no longer serves you ($97 Value)
  • Downloadable Audio Recording for guiding you with positive self-affirmations to replace the released energy ($97 Value)
  • 30 Days Reinforcement Follow-Up Email Support (Priceless/$247 Value)

At a Value of OVER $1000 and Unlimited Personal Growth Potential, you are being offered the system to transform your struggles into strengths for mere pennies on the dollar value. And this special offer is definitely limited, But once you realize your potenital, you are definitely not limited!

Isn’t it time to realize your full, limitless potential? Start by clicking the secure PayPal button below. (You can use PayPal with any major credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.) 

When you click on the secure PayPal button and pay for this increasingly limited Emotional Release Technique special, you will be taken to a scheduling page where you will enter your contact information into a short form. You will then follow the arrow to the “Schedule” page. When you click the button, you will be asked 2 brief questions to allow me to better serve you. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be taken to my schedule where you will choose a date and time to suit you. Then, keep the appointment, and receive a step-by-step immediate session to release what no longer supports you, and replace it with what does support you. It’s very simple. And it is life transforming.

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But hurry. When the spaces are filled there are no more.

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