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(It’s not your MINDSET…)

No doubt you have heard that you need to create a mindset shift if you ever want to leave behind whatever’s not working for you. You’ve been told to repeat affirmations, to change your mindset, to change your beliefs, to amplify the law of attraction as the magnet for your desired outcome.

Here’s the truth:

It’s not your mindset that keeps your abundance, creativity, deep authentic love, confidence, and the life you desire at bay. It’s your alignment.

What do I mean by alignment?

You were born whole and without doubts. Your mind, body, and spirit were well aligned and you knew instinctively how to get your needs and wants met. If you’ve ever been around an infant, you know that infant doesn’t ask permission before wailing when it’s uncomfortable. A baby does whatever needs to be done to ease discomfort, to gain assurance, to live in a state of sublime balance.

Along the way, you were systematically taught to disown whole chunks of who you are. Maybe you were taught to “act like a lady” or that “boys don’t cry” or that your power is not your own. You were indoctrinated by institutions, dogma, family and cultural mores and values, and by your peers, friends, and demographics.

The alignment you came into this world with, was fractured and shattered, sometimes by those who professed to be looking out for your own best interest. This is not where you place blame. This is where you liberate from the tethers that hold you small.

[bctt tweet=” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein” via=”no”]

What’s a Girl Woman to Do?

Before I step into the correct way to create lasting authentic change in any area of your life, I want to start with saying your mind matters, and that affirmations and the law of attraction DO work. The key is to connect your mind with your body with your spirit. This is your state of integrity; it is where you are your strongest, most authentic. And when you are in this state of authentic beingness, you are in your highest state of creation.

Looking for PROOF??

Escaping the Chrysalis, is a life manual filled with actual case examples from the decades of coaching I’ve done since 1983. It covers everything from affirmations to wealth to living a zen lifestyle.

  • It covers communication, how to get your needs met without wailing like a baby or without manipulations.
  • It shows you the way to let go of whatever holds you small, or causes you self-doubt or emotional pain.
  • It gives you the tools to transform any relationship, or to release anyone who needs to be released.
  • It give you the life transforming tools to align your body, mind and spirit to create the life you desire and deserve.

Where to buy Escaping the Chrysalis:

Get Escaping the Chrysalis thru Amazon here:

Escaping the Chrysalis is the life manual we wish our parents had read and reared us with. But it’s not too late. You can change any area of your life that will up-lift you to a higher state of being. Your higher vibration will in turn, attract higher caliber friends and relationships. Your life will never be the same once you’ve learned to own your power, to step into your whole/gestalt aligned state of being, which is your natural state.


In addition to the valuable life manual, Escaping the Chrysalis, you may wish to get the full-color workbook which includes proprietary tools and techniques in workbook form. Together, the set is a powerhouse of personal transformation that can only be found when you work with me in personal one on one coaching, or when you get this set and implement the techniques.

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is available as a digital download using the link at the page right side, or as a physical edition on Amazon here:

By the way, the naked woman on the cover of Escaping the Chrysalis and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is the model for the Statue of Liberty. I couldn’t imagine a better image for depicting the liberation you’ll experience when you invest in this set and transform any are of your life that could use a little (or a lot) of tweaking. I mention this, because someone returned a copy of the book wrapped in a cover to hide the image. They were clearly offended by the nudity. If this offends you, you may either not purchase the set, or when it arrives, create a plain wrap to camouflage the image of this liberated woman. As another option, you can opt for a personal coaching package.

Belief Shifting:

I won’t leave you without at least one tip to claim your alignment. Allow yourself the luxury of at least 30-60 minutes when you won’t be interrupted. Start with some conscious breaths to calm you and bring you into the present. Breathing in thru the nose and exhaling out thru an open mouth 3 or 4 times is beneficial for calling you into the moment.

Once you have become centered, notice your thoughts:

What’s circling in your mind? Allow the thoughts to settle, as they are resistance to be released.

Next, notice your body:

Where are you holding any stress, or pain or stagnant energies? Just notice, without judging.

Now notice your spirit, which is the infinite essence of you.

Your spirit holds the connection with collective consciousness and is very happy that you are noticing her, and that you are consciously aligning with your mind, body, spirit (gestalt/whole) self.

In this aligned state, imagine releasing anything that holds you small. See, in your mind’s eye, and feel with your intuitive spirit as you mindfully express love to whatever belief has held you small. And when you are ready, say good-bye. And then don’t pick it back up again.

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