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seedingIn the meanwhile, you may be interested in a rare beta offer for a brand new course that will be launched in full this fall. The beta lite version is available June 15th, and is being offered at a considerable savings. Regular $997, the beta lite version is being offered for only $197 but only to the first 50 women to get in on this special!

The beta version of Cultivating Self-Worth: YOU Are a Perfect Seed is a virtual experience that offers you a rich immersive experience all from the comfort of your own computer. It’s all online, in a special portal where you will receive the weekly modules for thirty days.

The course promises to deliver an awakening of your spirit, in much the same way a seed germinates and then awakens and begins to sprout and grow towards the light.

The seed has within it, all the instructions and power to grow into exactly what it is meant to be. And like that seed, you too have within you, the perfection of beingness and the expansive purposeful potential of you waiting to emerge….

growthEach week, for four weeks, you will receive access to a series of nurturing self-esteem enhancing assignments to be completed prior to the next week. Each assignment will build on the last, cultivating lasting layered effects that result in real and permanent transformative growth. You will be nurturing your inner seed, and your experience for potential growth will be rapid as you cultivate new behaviors and beliefs to enrich your life in every area….

After 30 days, the portal will close, and the price will increase to $997.

I am really excited about this course, particularly as it is a true celebration of self-love and soul-supporting experiences that feed and nurture the whole ‘self’. The potential results are tremendous as your self-doubts and insecurities fall away like dead leaves and self-acceptance and self-love grow deeper roots.

If you have ever suffered from feelings of not being enough, this is the place to be!


You may ask, why? this Cultivating Self-Worth: YOU Are a Perfect Seed is being offered at such an initial savings….

Here’s why: Each time a product launch takes place, there are new participants. As a caveat to receiving the course at such a tremendous discount, I ask that you at least consider providing me with a short (30-90 second) video testimonial. This is not a requirement of getting in on the savings, just a request to consider providing the video.

Because I work with many “celebrity,” (thus, confidential) clients, I am now making a determination to ask for more transparency. It’s not a deal breaker if you feel like you would rather not provide a video testimonial. Maybe you are simply too camera shy to agree to provide a video, and will instead opt for either an audio or written testimonial. And that’s just fine too. This is simply an option to help me spread the word as to how empowering and liberating the self-love toolkit is, once you’ve experienced it….

To secure your placement in this empowering limited edition process, register through the secure services of PayPal by clicking the “Buy Now” button below:

Cultivating Self Worth: You Are a Perfect Seed

Remember, the portal opens on June 15th. The savings ends when 50 women are in. Are you in? I hope to see you there.

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