Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring


 Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring!


It’s truly an honor to see Escaping the Chrysalis among the Top Ten Inspiring books, a list which includes such notables as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Judith Orloff, and others. But if I’m honest, I do believe Escaping the Chrysalis is one of the most inspiring books. It is a different caliber than is my first book, Blessings in the Mire, a true story which is inspiring on a completely different level. And although Escaping the Chrysalis is in the nonfiction self-help genre, and as such, varies from my only fictional book, The Flying Game, the two are clearly different approaches in the directions of inspiration.

Escaping the Chrysalis

To celebrate the notoriety of being a Top 10 Inspiring book, the publisher has agreed to let me sell Escaping the Chrysalis for a 20% discount! AND, for the first 50 copies sold, the publisher pays shipping! This deep discount means you can have this Top 10 Inspiring life manual in your hands for less than it sells for on that big Amaz.. site!

BUT here’s the catch: This deeply discounted special offer and FREE shipping and handling are good for ONLY 48 hours!

To make it easier for you, I’ve included a secure little PayPal button that takes you right into PayPal for purchasing this life transforming, in-depth manual that will soon be the most dog-eared on your shelf!. This is no little e-book! This is a full, 416 page life manual which includes life transforming gestalt tools and techniques that can change your life forever and quickly!

      • Learn to interpret your dreams, and use the information contained in your dreams to help you on your life journey
      • Let go of internal blocks to your success and fulfillment
      • Embrace your power and learn to get your needs met
      • Re-define selfish to mean self-care and watch your WHOLE life improve
      • Learn to communicate your needs and desires smoothly
      • Fall in love with that reflection in the mirror
      • Discover the power of words and the power of thoughts
      • Find the love of your life and experience blissful, honest relationships
      • MORE, MORE, MORE!

Escaping the Chrysalis is the life manual we wish our parents had read! It is full of true life examples, and offers affirmations, gestalt techniques, tips, and more! Is your life transformation worth 20 bucks? I’m thinking you’re worth a LOT more than that! But hurry! This is a limited time offer that will end in 48 hours.

You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and to experience your WHOLE/GESTALT self. Gestalt means whole, and so are you! You are whole and perfect in your humanness. This book, Escaping the Chrysalis is the helping hand that you’ve long-awaited. It is different from every other self-help book in that it offers tools and techniques once reserved for the professional. Go get it!

Gestalt Means Whole, and So Are YOU!

Embrace your whole perfect self and watch your empowerment and confidence expand!

This offer is time limited, so hurry and get your copy! It’s time you take control of your life. Click the secure PayPal button and get your copy of Escaping the Chrysalis now!

Sorry: This offer is from the publisher and is good only on Escaping the Chrysalis.

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Blessings in the Mire

Thank you, often!

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