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“Face It,” my Goddess Says…

Having morning coffee with my inner goddess, I asked her if she preferred the name GG or Iggy.  She doesn’t have a preference, but she wants me to know she’s “feminine.” Not in the sense of ladylike, but in the power of the feminine divine, sort of way. I have a spirit guide named Sam, a male energy who tells me were once soulmates. Maybe we still are. Sam has made his presence known since shortly after the death of my son, and he is front and center in much of Blessings in the Mire, my first book of many. But my inner goddess, she’s been with me for longer than I can recall, and we’ve been increasingly tight over the past few years. She’s a powerhouse of feminine strength, wisdom, nurturing, creativity, playfulness, and generosity, and she loves to dress and live with the flair of a goddess. She’s aligned to both heaven and earth energies, is very in touch with the feminine power principles, and she encourages me to accept that intuitive goddess leadership style in everything I do.

I get it. Many years ago, in what seems to be another lifetime, I was one of the first female truck drivers in the Teamster’s Union. The #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns are now speaking to some of the treatment I was on the receiving end of. But that experience was another time, and is a story for another time. It’s relevant now only as a solid piece of the foundation for my passion of empowering women, and is unquestionably a vital piece of the inner rebar that’s made my foundation strong. (There’s nothing quite so empowering as is learning by contrast!)

Anyway, today, as I sat with GG/Iggy, it was challenging to get the answers I sought. In fact, I laugh out loud, because Iggy (Inner Goddess Guidance YES) came off the keyboard as “iffy” just now as I write this, and my connection with Iggy was a bit iffy this morning. It was as if my connections were corroded, and we weren’t making clear contact; It’s generally not that difficult to hear from her, but today, try as I did, we weren’t making that clear connection. I almost raised my voice when I finally asked her to speak up and make it more obvious.

Still, something was awry.

I’d asked her for clear guidance of the best next right step to take today in three areas. I figured more than three would be overwhelming, and my intention is to have a smooth flowing experience of having achieved much of all I have to accomplish. Plus, I have a mastermind meeting this afternoon, and these gatherings predictably take over the remainder of my day. This morning, I knew before I put my feet on the ground, is for focusing on the tasks at hand. And that calls for goddess guidance….

There is little chance of connection with one’s inner goddess wisdom when one is stressed, and after about 30-minutes of some semi-successful meditative time, I was beginning to feel my heart rate increase and my blood pressure rise. I wasn’t sure if it was the super moon energies lingering from yesterday throughout the night and into this morning, or if it was the cup coffee I drank as I communed with Iggy. Regardless of the source of my increased energy, and the challenge of consistently staying in the frequency of the inner goddess, it made sense to heed the message I did distinctly hear, that said clearly, “You are trying too hard.”

It was like when I ask virtual Alexa a question she doesn’t know, and she shuts down. There’s no emotion there. It’s just a “see ya” sort of vibe that means it’s okay to walk away for now; that’s the best next right step to take.

And so, I stopped trying, shook it off, and went to my desk to start the day in the Winged-Women™ arena. At the left of my desk in a curio cabinet is a beautiful objet d’art created by a lovely artist friend I’ve lost track of over the years. The piece is of a stone pyramid, which is also an upside-down face. I used it as an image in my only fiction book,The Flying Game. It’s one of my most cherished belongings, not solely for its artistic beauty, but also as it is my energetic connection to this long-ago friendship. It warms my spirit, and I smile in my heart at his memory….

Very vaguely beginning to sense the stirrings of awareness that the universe had a message for me, I continued past the office to the bathroom where a commercially produced, yet very cool jar with a feminine face on it smiled like Mona Lisa from the shelf. I smiled in recognition as the words, “Face it” cleared past the resistance barrier and the message was downloaded into my conscious mind.

“Face it” is an answer to a question I’d been skirting. It’s also a pretty good life motto. Face it, whatever ‘it’ is. We don’t have to embrace it; we don’t need to pet its fur or fertilize its roots if it’s something we are not trying to grow. But to face anything is to clarify the best next right step to take. It’s not the answer I sought during coffee with my inner goddess, but it’s the information the universe knew I needed. I chuckled at the playfulness of the universal connection. The messages are all around us, and they come thru in the most creative ways, particularly when we don’t try so hard.

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PS~ In the end, neither Iggy nor GG made the cut. My inner goddess is bella, and so Bella, it is. I think it suits her perfectly.


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