October Offers: From Finance to Romance

October Offers: From Finance to Romance

During October, the focus is on love and money.
From finance to romance, I’ve got you covered!

It really is true that your self-esteem, self-confidence, and especially your level of self-love, has a direct effect of every area of your life from finance to romance…. In fact, I don’t know of any way self-love could not have an impact on our love life, our finances and wealth potential, and on the opportunities that are all around us….

Self-Love Impacts It ALL!
So here is a super cool announcement!

In October, I am bringing you news of two special summits.
One about money and one about love! (My two favorite subjects!)
These may be the most powerful summits you attend all year!

The first summit: Activate Your Money Magic: Reveal YOUR Feminine Path to Success & Prosperity is coming on October 17th, but you can register now! http://bit.ly/2dAcFZG

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And by the way, this Activate Your Money Magic summit boasts some of the great experts in the feminine perspective:


Maybe you recognize some of these goddesses….
This is a transformational team with much to share, so be sure to register today and tune into this empowering summit!
I want to share that Paula Houlihan, the host of Activate Your Money Magic
is a philanthropist of the highest order, with the Unstoppable Foundation.

You’ll learn more about the Unstoppable Foundation during the Activate Your Money Magic Summit.


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I gotta tell you, I am super, über excited about all the empowering content that is coming your way! Together, we CAN and ARE changing the paradigm from a sword-wielding demanding way of interacting through brute competitions to instead, an authentic heart and spirit led means of creation from the feminine perspective of collaboration and cooperation and nurturing.

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There are many reasons to express gratitude, and to celebrate the gifts that the feminine brings…. And in some ways, it seems as if the wait for the feminine values to return is long over-due, yet I am reminded of the perfection of the divine pace of all…. If you’ve ever struggled, or are struggling, you want to be listening to these experts talk about how to Activate Your Money Magic

To achieve your dream, you must have a dream, and have a clear plan of exactly how you will make that dream come to fruition.
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A dream with a plan, and on which you place your laser focus, becomes a miracle come true….
Are YOU ready for YOUR miracles to come true in Love and Money?

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I’ll tell you, there is a wealth of life-enriching content coming your way, so if you have friends who would appreciate the summits, please share this post! The more who are involved, the more the energy shifts and the paradigm simultaneously shifts. We’re a part of something HUGE. Share away!

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The second summit is Discover BIG LOVE, with Lena Love Coach as host!
To learn about the DISCOVER BIG LOVE Summit click here!


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Lena is the real deal! She’s got the inside scoop and the insight on love!

When you commit to love, the world opens up for you. When you take time to nurture and love YOU, others see, and feel that love and they want to be around you. It’s just the way love is. ☺
So, here we are, my friend, Lena Dolter, Love coach and a true radiant being. When I met her and found out about what she was doing to help women JUST LIKE YOU bring more love into their lives, I KNEW I had to share her work with you.

She has assembled this impressive panel of experts (which I am proud to be featured on), and she is COMMITTED to helping women be and attract LOVE.
I’m beyond excited that Lena has invited me to speak on her Event:
Discover Big Love! How to Create Deep Inner Connection to Attract the Love you Desire and Deserve.
We launch on October 17th and the event is TOTALLY FREE!

Discover BIG Love, is a super-empowering summit that will feed your need for ways to attract that soul mate, or if you are in a relationship, will give you tools and insights into ways to increase the connection with your lover. Discover Big Love promises to be a truly rich and rewarding summit.

Regardless of if you’re looking for love, or have found it, tune in, because there is so much to be learned about self-love as it affects us!
Be sure to register TODAY for this rare event!
There will be empowering content, and there will be inspiring gifts!
I know I am excited for you to discuss your experience of the Discover BIG Love Summit!

How Excited Are YOU?


PS ~ You will also be receiving an invitation to a Wealth & Intuition Summit coming in November. The Wealth & Intuition Summit will really empower you with an enlightened perspective about how you can use your intuition to attract more money and abundance. But I am getting ahead of myself! (It’s because I am so excited to share!) More about that, in a few weeks….

But now…
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