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Finding Worthiness Beneath the Mask

There may have been many times during your life when you have instinctively felt the urge to hide your true identity beneath a mask, or to build a little moat around your heart to stop people from hurting you, or to build a gigantic fortress to stop anyone from getting near you….

Today, we’re going to look at why wearing a mask or building a wall is not the answer.

Masks can be suffocating and walls are ineffective. When we put on masks or build psychic walls, we effectively become incarcerated by our own design. Masks stop us from seeing ourselves clearly, and walls lock in the pain, the past, and the emotions that stop far more than the entrance of others into our lives. Walls and masks create an environment where stagnant energies kill any chance of creativity and expansion. And they are the ultimate power give-away….

In other words, when we cut off the outside world, we cut off the lifeline of our own evolutionary flow. We’re “cutting off our nose to spite our face,” as the cliché goes. It’s a well-meaning but misguided intention that has no up-side.

What’s a better solution for avoiding being a victim to others?

Cultivating Worthiness is the wiser solution. And here’s why:

  • When you know you are worthy, you stop tolerating any abuse. You simply remove yourself.
  • When you have owned your self-worth, you stand in stronger integrity and are less of a target.
  • Owning your worthiness attracts opportunities that would have been otherwise missed.
  • When you own your worth, you empower others to own theirs.
  • When you claim your worthiness, you are happier, thus, healthier.
  • When you cultivate worthiness, you are no longer content with forfeiting YOUR life under the guise of self-defense.

The truth is, the list of benefits is potentially endless. It’s as long as you want it to be. And the list of disadvantages of remaining in the state of feeling undeserving are equally long.

Rather than allow anyone else to define you, decide for yourself, that you are worthy and deserving. Because you are. And it’s time the masks came off and the moat came down. Stand in your truth: You are valuable and powerful and deserving.

If you want to bolster your self-worth in the next 30 day, consider enrolling in the 30-Day Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed course at the newly online Winged-Women™ Academy, where wise women re-claim their self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and their wings. You deserve the life you desire. Claim it.

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