The Flying Game Holds Truth for All of Us

The Flying Game Holds Truth for All of Us

The Flying Game full cover for FiverrThere is a bit of Stella Harris in all of us. Seemingly out of nowhere comes a hand that, at first thru fifth glance reveals no winning cards. Our subjective realities are altered then and there; everything changes.

Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” play in my head, telling me that others too, have experienced events that required drawing on more inner strength than we knew we had.

Thus is the transformational current of The Flying Game. It’s a fictional self-help book with a secret nod to The Wizard of Oz as the inner wisdom that ultimate saves all of us from those blessed “learning experiences,” arguably random or destined occurrences that on the surface are too much to bear. But bear we must, and from such perseverance human character is undeniably forged and personality more deeply colored.

As a celebration of the irrepressible human spirit TODAY ONLY, I am slashing the price of The Flying Game from $19.99 to $12.21! This is ONLY true if the books are purchased thru the publisher’s PayPal account and not from Amazon. There are only 25 copies available at this price. When they are gone, they are gone. That’s it. And one way or another, the deal is over, kaput, at midnight Pacific Standard Time or when 25 copies are sold, which ever comes first.

Because there are only 25 copies, and because the publisher is betting more than 25 readers will want a copy at this LOW price, there is a special form that must be submitted and in the case that more than 25 apply, the decision will be made lottery style. In other words, only the first 25 forms will be accepted and all others will be sent a “sorry you missed out” email response. Those first 25 lucky readers will receive a special link with further instructions.

Good luck!

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