Flying Success

You must be born under a lucky star,
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The Flying Game before they sold out!

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Although The Flying Game is fictional, it does have some deep roots in realty….

As a very young child, I watched my daddy flying in his single engine plane, the plane that would lead to his early death when I was only 18 months old.

That was too young to remember much, yet his spirit of flight is so deep in my veins that I grew up to take flying lessons, and of course, to create Winged-Women™ Business & Life Coaching.

And that little girl who thought she could fly? Well, that was me. Watching the birds for hours and days and weeks, and imagining that feeling of freedom that led to a lot of battered knees when I decided to jump.

Regardless of the scars, I never gave up believing I could fly.

That inner pilot just grew up. And she’s still looking for ways to fly.

I hope you enjoy The Flying Game.




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