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Focusing on the Light

It’s one of those “red-letter” days today, when a palpable energy fills the room, and pushes from the inside as a pressure in my chest. I’m not sure if it’s in my heart or my lungs; I only know that I struggle to catch my breath –that I cannot seem to take oxygen in…and I only notice that after I begin to notice that I am barely breathing….

Since early this morning when I awoke, I have been focusing on the light.

My son, had he lived, would be celebrating his 42nd birthday today. I call a friend to tell him and his reaction is as mine: Incredulous. How can that be?

When children die, they stay forever young.

One of my lovely readers wrote to let me know that the triple 4s in his birthdate are symbolic of angelic presence. I have no doubt she’s right…plus, to consider that possibility gives salve to my heart. I cherish the thought.

What we focus on expands. It also attracts more of the same vibrational resonance so it makes sense to not wallow in the dark and expect to attract light. I personally need to stay focused on this concept of moving forward, and of making it a point to express gratitude daily for the wonderful life I am blessed with at every second of every day.  I have been blessed to experience several miraculous, serendipitous events in my life. As a result, I am open to the possibilities of more miracles and synchronisms. Isn’t it fun?!

I don’t believe in coincidences, only in the wonderful power of thought and in our ability to attract exactly what we need or desire by getting clear on what we need or desire.

And today, I need only to breathe. And perhaps to write thru the day’s emotions, and continue focusing on the light….

What are you focused on? Are the majority of your thoughts positive, or do you spend your finite time complaining and whining? Humans spend far too much time reminiscing about the past, or complaining about the past, or about dreading and worrying about the future. It is a true art form to live in the present. It’s also the only reality we have. So how are you spending this present moment? What are you attracting? What is being magnetized to you right now?

Let’s vow together to create experiences which fill us to the brim and more with love, laughter, light, and gratitude.

Let’s consciously magnetize wonder and love. Let’s be the beacon of love –like the beacon on the mountain top broadcasting and receiving….

What do you say? Are you in? Let’s shift this blue globe on its axis and bring in tunnels and bushels of loving light to heal all who reside here!
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