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FREE Alignment Technique for Manifesting

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In order to successfully achieve any dream, we must first be an energetic match for it or we simply will not allow it to show up. We each have an internal thermostat which governs what is allowed into our lives. This governor is set at a familiar level. It keeps us at a level of comfortably receiving that which we desire, and stops anything we are not yet an energetic match for.

With that concept in mind, consider the things you have wished for over the span of your life. Have you found some levels of achievement easier to manifest than others? Have you noticed a certain threshold where your finances generally hover around? Are all the vehicles you’ve owned and the homes you’ve ever lived in of a similar value? I’m betting that’s the case. Most of us never roll far from the tree and socio-economic status into which we were born. Indeed, most humans live and die within 25 miles of the home they were born into. But all is not despair! We can loosen the governor’s grip and raise our inner “deserving” to a new level, and then allow in a higher degree of abundance. It just takes a little conscious attention.

Remember, to successfully achieve any dream, we must be an exact energetic match for it. This Alignment Technique for manifesting will help you clarify where you are and will show you how to believable raise your vibration to be in alignment with exactly what you wish to manifest.

Attached here are both the audio recording and PDF versions of the Alignment Technique. It’s a quick tool for testing your inner truths, especially as used for raising your level of being worthy of deserving that which you desire. It’s a tried and true system that takes only a few moments to use. But it’s one of the most valuable tools to add to your empowerment toolkit. Align your inner deserving with that which you seek, and watch the manifestation process do its magic.

Your FREE Alignment Technique for manifesting audio and PDF download:

Alignment Exercise PDF Download

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