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From Finance to Romance,
the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love

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Abundance of love, money, happiness, opportunities, authentic friendships, creativity, and high-vibe experiences are your divine birthright.

That means whatever you desire, you can have, as long as you don’t block the channel for receiving your bounty of wealth, love, happiness and such.

Women are receptive by nature, and yet many women come to me for coaching because they are stuck in the frequency of “not enough.”

There is an orchestra of voices all singing the same lyrics of “never enough; not enough; not feeling as though she is enough; not feeling worthy and deserving.”

The one word that I most use in my coaching business is, “Enough.”

  • You are enough.
  • You are deserving enough.
  • There is enough.

And when you let go of the old internalized messages about who you are and what you deserve, you open the channel to receiving all that you set out to attain.

I want to tell you that I have empowered women since 1984. Some were “welfare moms” barely getting by, and some were teen moms who were too young to work to support themselves and their babies. And over the years, some clients in the 7-figure salary range still don’t feel as if they are “enough.”

That tells a story: “Enough” is an inside job. You will never feel as if you are enough, or have enough, until the insides are healed of the old stories about who you are and what you deserve.

And by the way, I want to state clearly that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

You have never been broken. And you are perfect in your humanness.

What has happened, is a simple matter of alignment. If you are not living the life you know deep down that you deserve, you are out of alignment with your mind/body/spirit gestalt whole self and the universal frequencies of what it is you wish to experience.

Here’s what you want to know to open the pathway to your divine right to abundance:

There is shared energetic frequency of abundance that resonates in both finance and romance. This is the feminine frequency of giving and receiving that can open you to allowing the abundance of all you desire…. But first, you must know what it is that you DO want, as opposed to complaining, commiserating, and attracting whatever it is that you don’t want.

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love will compel you to take an honest look at the way you connect (or not) with the universe, and will simultaneously inspire you to take an honest look into your own culpability for your current life conditions.

Maybe you’ve heard it said: “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” It is! With that adage in mind, excavating your role in how and what you’re attracting in your finances and in your romances, creates an empowered perspective from which to take control, and to then consciously alter the trajectory of your results.

If you’re ready to change your personal paradigm, to up level your inner thermostat settings for abundance, and if you are ready to step fully into the life you dream of living, Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance
includes more than just the basic book!

Infinite Pie is loaded with tools, including a Wealth Test that you won’t find anywhere else!

It contains an Abundance Questionnaire that is designed to enlighten you as to the ways in which you may be blocking the flow of abundance (also not available elsewhere).

And, it also includes a Manifesting Meditation to help you loosen up stuck energies in your psyche and open the pathway for the flow of all that you decide to allow in….

In other words, Infinite Pie is the book that contains the transformational tools to change your money and love story!

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Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra


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You are enough.

In fact, you are more than enough.
And when you fully own that truth, your life will unfold in ways not yet imaginable.

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