FREE Values & Why?

FREE Values & Why?

What are your top values? Freedom? Authenticity? Honesty?

When our values are not clearly defined, when we are not absolutely crystal clear about our top value, our lives generally reflect this truth through chaos. What’s worse is when we know our values, and clearly take actions outside of the boundaries of those values.

Going against the grain of one’s values, causes an internal reaction, a feeling of inauthentic behavior that will absolutely eke out in emotional response. For example, a child who has been raised to know right from wrong will feel a deep sense of regret when he/she steals cookies from the jar. Regardless of whether the child is caught or not, those instilled inner values will send a loud and clear message. That cookies will taste less delicious when tainted by remorse.


The inner emotional reaction is meant to shift us back onto the authentic track.

That gut response from our grand BS detector is like a call to action. It is an internal indicator that tells us when we veer off course. We are at our most powerful when we are aligned with our truest core values, and when we use those values as the guard rails to our path. And yet, I don’t know about you, but I was never taught to actually take a look at my values. I was certainly never taught to decide for myself what my values are. Instilled from birth, through familial and cultural norms, and through institutions, the weave of societal mores and tenets are such a part of our social fabric that most of us never take a moment to determine where those values were learned, and if they are OUR chosen views.

Before seeking a new job, or a new partner, or a new home, or before you take another step, consider your overall values and where you learned each of them. What do YOU stand for? What would you give your life to defend? When you have answered the question of what are your top ten values, narrow it down to your top three. And when you have clarifies the top three, chose the number one value you would fight to the death for.

When you have done this, take a metaphorical step backward and look at your current life. Are you living in alignment with your most cherished value? Are there some subtle shifts that you can take today to align your whole/gestalt self with your consciously chosen beliefs? Body, mind, and spirit are more than a new aged cliché. They are part of the whole you, and when aligned you are at your most powerful and authentic self. Your once chaotic life, seemingly suddenly, then works.

Click the hyperlink for a FREE Values List download to assist with your clarification.

xox Much love & light.




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