Freedom, Liberation and Fear

FREEDOM & Liberation are not the same.

OLDE Glory - Copy Freedom is the result of perceived liberation. An independent mindset leads to a prioritized value of freedom, and that freedom-mindset leads to independence. There is a cycle of liberated wholeness that once started, has no end…ideally.

Often, we are kept apart from freedom by our own beliefs.

Being prisoners of our own beliefs and mindset is a state if imbalance that once tended to can correct our trajectory for outrageous success and fulfillment. It needn’t be a time consuming exercise to re-adjust our wings and head toward a consciously determined destination once the adjustments are made. It’s a matter of self-awareness. It’s a matter of recognizing the self-imposed limitations and making the conscious decision to take another path.


Over the years, I have helped dozens of women escape from violent situations only to witness a large portion of these same liberated ladies boomerang to the familiar setting. They return for myriad reasons, most of which on the surface, have to do with financial reasoning; primarily, these women fail to thrive because they have a poverty setting to their inner wealth thermostat. These women are not necessarily destitute as a chance of birth, rather, they have developed a lack mentality and with no frame of reference to convince them that they can support themselves. Years of living in a particular familiar familial culture, regardless of how dangerous, seems less scary than the intimidating thought of being responsible for her own care and perhaps that of children as well. Because she is programmed to not recognize her abilities, she projects an expected outcome of receiving little or no support. Often, familiarity is misconstrued as comfort and freedom. With a bit of apathy and laziness thrown in the chances diminish proportionately that she will remain in the familiar situation, never exploring her truth or potential, and being a role model for the next generation of offspring to emulate.

Welcome the paradigm shift.

Women are awakening to the feminine power principle of cooperation, collaboration, communication, and receptivity. This awakening is having a tremendous global effect as the power shifts from the old masculine paradigm. The balance of that pendulum swing is somewhere in the middle, but until that balance is attained many will rise up to fight against change. Most humans are uncomfortable with change, especially if there is a chance of losing the power in a relationship. Oppressors will fight to the mat to prevent change. It’s personal, in the way that a child may be seen as a personal appendage and in a sense, immortality. Change can be fearsome.  Fear then, is the literal opposite of freedom.

 “The opposite of courage is conformity.”

Independence is the opposite of co-dependence. However, we may be free and inter-dependent. After all, we learn much through the eyes of others. And that slice of balance looks a lot like freedom to me. A visional slice of my perfect utopia is a world of freedom and interdependency where respect, integrity, authenticity, and freedom, defined as the right to live freely and in one’s chosen values system, are the structure. The vision is a safe place where all are free to believe without fear. It starts with self-awareness. Freedom is an inside job. Happy Independence Day wherever on the globe you are today.


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